Yoga Teachers’ Mentorship

Mentorship OPEN
Next session starts Sept. 16th , 2019


“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.”

Meister Eckhart


Let's make something clear. I am only qualified to teach a Mentorship Program for Yoga Teachers because I have made a lot (I repeat A LOT) of mistakes teaching. After my first Yoga Teachers Training in California in 2005, it took me another 5 whole years (!!!!) AND another Teachers Training in Toronto to get into the lion's cage of teaching my first 'real' yoga class. After that first class, and 8 years later, I vow to always  stay a learner. 

To stay a learner, my goal is to expand my yoga practice physically - of course - but also mentally through books and trainings. And then again, spiritually through embodiment, self-introspection work, rituals and practice. This yogi journey of learning has been a life calling -a quest (you know how much I love that word!). Ascending my way to an ever-evolving style of teaching that I love requires practice, practice, and what else can I say. Yep. Practice!  And you know- it's been some tough and wonderful eight years as a yoga teacher.

One thing I get asked most frequently is how I successfully bring intentions, themes and visual imagery into a yoga class in an inspirational and secular way. How do i invite personal inquiry, healing and connection with the core of who you are in an one hour all-level yoga class?


Nowadays, the soul part is often left out of the classroom. That sucks. It's the most important part, you know?

I've included quotes, words, symbols, stories in my class, because I know that for me- when I go to a yoga class I totally want a sweaty work-out, but also want to be left exhilarated by something more. Something magic! This is the connection yoga seeks: body, mind and SOUL. Nowadays, the 'soul' part is often left out of the classroom. That sucks. It's the most important part, you know? 

2019 is an auspicious time to be a yoga teacher. Students are receptive to the movement of mindfulness, creativity and deep imagination more than ever before. Everyone's affected by anxiety, depression, grief, illnesses, disembodiment, transitional time, personal tragedies - everyone. How can I, as a yoga teacher be comfortable in holding space for lives well lived. Lives that want to heal and most importantly be well. 

Feeling whole, energized and inspired from the inside out ultimately heightens your vibrancy and health. Being fit is great, but it's worth nothing if you feel empty, lost or dead inside. Feeling whole, energized and inspired from the inside out ultimately heightens your vibrancy and health.  

I am ever so thrilled to launch my Yoga Mentorship!  It has been four years in the making, with close to 30 yoga teacher under my belt. 

Note that Yoga Mentorship closes August 31, 2019 to make time to have my first one-on-one chat with each teacher.


"Every man has a vocation to be someone: but he must understand clearly that in order to fulfill his vocation he can only be one person: himself."

- Thomas Merton


This lights me up! What does it entail?

This is a 3-month program (middle of Sept, Oct, Nov, middle of Dec) for yoga teachers that explores the physical, psychological and spiritual (subtle) energies involved in finding one’s own unique self-expression. In it, I tailor and facilitate transformational journey work for you. This training is specific to the art of teaching yoga. This yogi school is about:

  • Cultivating personal durability as a yogi.

  • Developing a positive, courageous and fearless voice.

  • "Holding space" for your own journey and ultimately in a classroom.

  • A commitment and initiation to the inner journey of soul and spirit (knowing the difference in the two!) and the compassion, courage, and willingness to articulate the soul’s journey to others.

  • Implement intentions, visual imagery, storytelling and poetry in your practice and yoga classes in a way that is not forced or fake.

  • Having the ability to turn your personal practice and your yoga classes into a soul-inspiring experience.

This training is online & Self-directed.

I work one-on-one with every yoga teachers to create a schedule that works for your busy life. 

I believe that yoga is a practice that is constantly evolving. Yoga teachers are leaders in the field of health and wellness. My mentorship is limited to 10 teachers who have previously completed a 200hr yoga teacher training. Ideally, you are presently teaching independently or in work in a yoga studio. 

How does it work? 

Once you sign-up, we will schedule a call Calendly my online Calendar. I will assess your needs. Then, I will give you a Log In/Password were a beautiful course-site full of resource is available to you.

On the course-site there will be : 6 x 1 hour lecture videos (see topics below). Once all 6 have been watched and self-introspection questions have been answered - we will again chat one-on-one on FaceTime (Skype or Facebook have been used too), covering any and all materials you have questions about. 

IDEALLY: You will find a quiet space to watch the lectures and take notes, write down questions, have your props nearby if needed, etc. I'd like to schedule our FaceTime call within the same week of you watching the videos so the information is fresh and the formatting of each session stays cohesive. If your schedule doesn't allow for this, don't fret! I will tailor it to make it work for you. 

Please note: Finding your voice has a yoga teacher doesn't happens after watching 6 one-hour videos. But I want to help you improve this for you overtime by giving you specific homework.

please fill out the Application form to make sure you are a good fit.


What can you expect from Mentorship?

  • Specific tools on how to harness and offer a spiritual-base class to your studentship without loosing the physical aspect of the yoga practice.

  • Able to share soul transformation tools with your students. Think intentions, themes, stories, art, beauty. They're is a simple ways to do this and it's available to anyone is willing to try.

  • For newer teacher: cueing, creative sequencing, play listing and the 'ins' on how to teach a smooth 'all-level' class.

  • Let your desires and yearning birth aspiration

  • See your difficulties as the lightseeker path and turn your wound into light.

  • Renewed inspiration for your practice and teaching

  • Open a flood gate of light on the road to your true dharma.

This Training is for you if:

  • You have deep desire and urge to unleash what is within you. The REAL you!

  • You are a learner and will always be a learner. You are ready to unfold in new ways.

  • You are ready to own your it. (e.i: once you sign up I will not run after you to schedule your call or watch the video with you- YOU need to own it )

  • Up lever your role of leader in the community.

  • Visionary in your own inner quest.

  • You have been eyeing the ONE- DAY Initiation Art & Yoga Teachers Training given at Dartmouth Yoga Centre in Nova Scotia.


"Do your work passionately. Then let go. Now you are free."

- Stephen Cope


More Details

Important Dates

START DATE: Sept. 16th, 2019

Requirements & Resources

Fill out the Application Form to make sure you are a good fit.

I asked to you have a 200 hrs level teachers training from any school or lineage and that you are presently teaching one time a week. 

This training is ONLINE. Meaning, you could be anywheres in the world and do it! But it also means you need an internet connection to access the content.

Please purchase: 

  • YOGA and the QUEST for the True Self by Stephen Cope

  • Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little


$597 this includes the ONE DAY INITIATION TRAINING (One Day Initiation is: October 25 9am-4pm)
$497 this does not included the ONE DAY INITIATION TRAINING (ps: if you’ve taken the Summer Initiation for example)

Price includes shipment of

  • Magic Tool Kit for YOGA TEACHERS ($59 value) - intention set of cards that you can use teaching and journal for self-introspection work (these product are limited and all designed by Estelle).

  • ONE DAY INITIATION on-site training, this includes a workbook and ALL materials for your day ($135+ value).

  • Beautiful and resourceful online course-site (priceless!).

  • Online Facebook Community with active members of mentorship from around the world.

  • All one-on-one mentorship coaching calls with Estelle (2 x30 minutes Facetime call). Estelle is happy to accommodate a third one should you need it. ($75 dollars value)

  • 6-hours of inspirational and technical VIDEOS to refresh you teaching and lit you up. (priceless!)

  • 2- hours of CLASSROOM mentorship time though ZOOM technology meeting.

For specific questions, flexible payment plan (yes, you can pay monthly!) and to assure you are a good fit please fill out this form. 


Mentorship Topics

Session 1 - Hello FEAR

In this first lecture, I cover the first Motto of mentorship inspired by a quote I once read from Cheryl Strayed: "Hello Fear, thank you for being here. You're my indicator that I am doing what I need to do." We discuss all things fear, anguish, worries, mistakes and confidence in the face of teaching yoga one-on-one or in a group.

Session 2 - Abolishing Perfection

In the second lecture, I cover the second Motto of mentorship which is guided from a truth bomb by Danielle Laporte: "Passion over Perfection". We establish tools& ritual to practice abolishing perfection once and for all. We talk of feedback and the truth and untruth of them.  This video is filled with self-introspection questions, insight and eye-opening discussion. Why do we want to be so perfect ALL THE FREAKING TIME. 

Session 3 - Sequencing, verbal cuing, play listing

In this third lecture, I cover the tricky business of  planning a sequence. We discuss the art of mastering observational skills. I will give you guidelines on how to LOOK at your classroom. We will dive into the 'all- levels' class: how to cue correctly, simply and to the point. The fundamentals of teaching a good, strong and tight yoga class. This video is the most technical. Lastly, we discuss the tricky business of adding music that is appropriate and well-received.

Session 4 - Soul Vs Spirit: The Geography of the Subtle Body

This must be my most favourite video. We use soul and spirit interchangeably but did you know they're are huge difference in between the two? This episode demystifies SOUL & SPIRIT. Here, I'd like to dive into the work of a great mentor of mine: Tias Little. His Anatomy of the Subtle Body is a MUST-READ for this mentorship. We go deep into the realm of the invisible and it's position within our yoga practice and the class we teach.  

SESSION 5 - Props, Accessibility and Inclusiveness in the yoga room

Start thinking outside the box. I will break the taboo that props are only for  beginners. Learn how to teach, cue and demo with props is to know how to teach good “all-levels” class.  Personally, inclusiveness and connection with your students is has important as the actual class. Learn how to make beginners feel seen, respected and included. How to connect on a human level to your student so they want to return to nobody but your yoga class!

Session 6 - Setting intentions and find your authentic voice and style as a teacher

In this final lecture we discuss how to how set intention to your class (more on this in the on-site ONE DAY training October 14th included in this package) while finding your voice has a yoga teacher.

This finale module also discusses business of yoga, social media presence and student - teacher boundary - but also boundaries with yourself so that you never burn - out!

Past Participants

Mentorship has impacted my teaching by being the BIGGEST mirror. It has brought forth some flaws that happen with time; bad habits that go unchecked. I walk around the room way more. I am trying to use names and make more eye contact when people join the space. It has given me so, so, so many resources to help pull inspiration from. It has sparked my interest in learning and growing as a teacher again.

In life Mentorship has given me a spark again. My Audible account would not exist, let alone be FULL of new books (AND ONES THAT I’VE ACTUALLY COMPLETED!!!), if it wasn’t for this course. A gentle push into learning which has grown into curiosity, interest, and a general drive for more.
— Shawna Cavanagh, Fall 2018 cohort

I’d like to express my gratitude for you. You have a beautiful, gracious gift.

I would not have been able to teach that class the way I did without all that I’ve learned from you. Within minutes I knew I had to throw my class plan out the window. I’d remembered our conversations about focusing on breath and how to protect backs during folds and how to come back to standing with care. My whole class became a tribute to all you’d taught me and all I’d witnessed in your classes.

You are a beautiful, shining example of a kind heart, a fierce mind and a brave spirit and I am thankful beyond words.
— Ann-Margaret Graham, Fall 2015 cohort

After completing my 200 hour teacher training program, Estelle’s Yoga Mentorship has helped me find my wings and use the tools I have within me to fly. Estelle has helped me find and build my confidence. She brings out your “you”. She encourages who you are and what you have to offer to your students and to your class. She empowers. Her realness is breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve met amazing women through this mentorship, who I now consider dear friends. Thank you Estelle, you truly are amazing.
— Sarah Opie, 2016 cohort

Estelle’s yoga mentorship program allowed me to find my authentic teaching voice and style through guided self reflection, journalling, art and symbol work. The weekly videos were rich with knowledge and wisdom. The small class size allowed for a personalized connection both with Estelle and the other participants.

I would highly recommended this enriched yoga program. Estelle is a bright light in the yoga community.
— Alyson Roberts