Yoga Mentorship


Estelle's has two training programs for Yoga Teachers.

Basic & Bloom

Basic is on-site and hands-on. Bloom is online and directed.
For both, expect refreshed inspiration for your teaching.




What is BASIC Yoga Mentorship? 

This is a  3-part course over the course of 3 months. BASIC focuses on yoga teaching skills and soul transformation. This is an in-person hands-on technical course, as well as a potent, personal development program. It includes an online course-site packed with resource and a support Facebook Group with active and non-active member of the past and present mentorship co-hort.  

image from Pinterest.

image from Pinterest.

What will each month entails? 

For each months you will receive a Zoom call with me, writing assignments and teaching schedule for the classes you will teach at  Dartmouth Yoga Centre . Practice teaching through the Community Classes offered at the Centre are the heart of this programs. For admittance to BASIC, you need to be able to attend the classes in person each Tuesday night from 7:30- 8:30 pm ( calculate 30 min extra for our sacred circle and feedback session) and longer if you are the teacher teaching that night. 

This program is for you if: 

  • You are a yoga teacher out of training and feel you need more direction navigating the yoga teaching world.
  • You are a yoga professional with many years of experience but feel uninspired and want to refine your teaching skills. 

After completing my 200 hour teacher training program, Estelle’s Yoga Mentorship has helped me find my wings and use the tools I have within me to fly. Estelle has helped me find and build my confidence. She brings out your “you”. She encourages who you are and what you have to offer to your students and to your class. Estelle inspires me. She makes me want to be the best version of myself. She empowers. Her realness is breathtakingly beautiful. She never pretends to be anyone but herself and she encourages you to do the same. I’ve met amazing women through this mentorship, who I now consider dear friends. Thank you Estelle, you truly are amazing.
— Sarah Opie

Overview of BASIC. 

Month 1: Initiate a conversation with fear. Defining and refining your relationship to your yoga practice . Generate intentions. 

Month 2: Develop kindness and compassion toward your teaching. Establish what lights you up!  Ultimate motto here is a favourite truth-bomb by Danielle Laporte: Passion over Perfection. 

Motto 3

Claiming your yoga teaching brain and living with intentions. Discuss moving forward with what you have. Trust the process. Take flight! 


This program is 3 years in the making, with close to 20 yoga teachers under Estelle's belt.

Sign- up TODAY for the JANUARY LAUNCH. 

Here are more FAQ about the BASIC mentorship program. 



What is BLOOM Yoga Mentorship? 

This is a 6- part course over the course of 6 months ( or however long you choose) . BLOOM  is an advanced online learning tool for yoga teachers, yoga lovers, school teachers, therapist and wellness professionals. Its entirety is online. It is self-directed and experiential course. It is specifically designed for you to apply the foundations of yoga in your life and inspire you to reconnect to creative momentum. With it, you will deepen your knowledge of the fascinating maps of yoga and design a physical and spiritual practice that heightens your resilience, power and rest.  

image from Pinterest.

image from Pinterest.

What will each modules entails? 

First, when you sign- up and choose to commit to the 6 months (recommended) or do it has a monthly package self- pace option. For each module you will be given an entry to a course-site. The site will included a map of yoga, videos by Estelle, creative workout assignment (minimum art materials required) , journalling, brainstorming, literary and podcast recommended resources.  The journey to BLOOM is about self-introspection study and artful creations. This time you are generously gifting yourself will enable a profound understanding of the maps of yoga and heighten self- awareness and breakthrough soul transformation. 

This program is for you if: 

  • Yoga teachers you will be able to share maps and effective tools with your students ( pranayama, mudra, visual imagery). therefore incorporating meaning, story telling and visual imagery into your physical classes. For other fields of work, the module are useful, personal and have social recourses ( we can discuss this individually with our ZOOM call).  
  • You feel something is 'missing'. You feel disconnected from your creative self and have deep desire and urge to unleash the what is within you. 
  • You are a learner and will always be a learner. You are ready to unfold in new ways. 
  • You have been eyeing the  ONE- DAY Initiation Art & Yoga Teachers Training given at Dartmouth Yoga Centre in Nova Scotia.  

I’d like to express my gratitude for you. You have a beautiful, gracious gift.
I would not have been able to teach that class the way I did without all that I’ve learned from you. Within minutes I knew I had to throw my class plan out the window. I’d remembered our conversations about focusing on breath and how to protect backs during folds and how to come back to standing with care. My whole class became a tribute to all you’d taught me and all I’d witnessed in your classes. I
You are a beautiful, shining example of a kind heart, a fierce mind and a brave spirit and I am thankful beyond words. -Ann- Margaret Graham, Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Overview of BLOOM. 

MODULE 1 : Seven Chakras (energy centres)

MODULE 2: Three Doshas (state of balance) collaboration with Nadine Robichaud Master Aesthetician , Reiki and student of Ayurvedic Medicine at Vidya Institute of Ayurveda

MODULE 3: Ten Gods & Goddesses

MODULE 4: Seventy- Seven Sacred Symbols 

MODULE 5: Three Gunas ( basic tendencies) 

MODULE 6:  Asana Energetic

EXTRA MODULE is MARVELOUS MAMA collaboration with Wendy Harding Doula. This module is specifically for Prenatal Yoga Teacher, doulas , health practitioners and of course,  mothers to be. 


This program is 2 years in the making. It is my life's work in 6 ( plus more!) modules. 


Here are more FAQ about the BASIC mentorship program.