Yoga Teacher's Mentorship

Estelle's one yearly ONLINE training program for Yoga Teachers.

Yoga Mentorship is online and directed.

Expect refreshed inspiration for your yoga teaching.

After completing my 200 hour teacher training program, Estelle’s Yoga Mentorship has helped me find my wings and use the tools I have within me to fly. Estelle has helped me find and build my confidence. She brings out your “you”. She encourages who you are and what you have to offer to your students and to your class. She empowers. Her realness is breathtakingly beautiful. I’ve met amazing women through this mentorship, who I now consider dear friends. Thank you Estelle, you truly are amazing.
— Sarah Opie- 2016 cohort


This program is 4 years in the making, with close to 20 yoga teachers under Estelle's belt.



This program is for you if

  • You don't want to be a good yoga teacher, you want to be a great yoga teacher.
  • You want to be able to share more effective physical and mindful tools with your students. 
  • You feel something is 'missing'. You feel disconnected from your yoga teacher self and have deep desire and urge to unleash  what is within you. 
  • You are a learner and will always be a learner. You are ready to unfold in new ways. 
  • You have been eyeing or have come to  the  ONE- DAY Initiation Art & Yoga Teachers Training given at Dartmouth Yoga Centre in Nova Scotia.

Investment: $497

Price includes shipment of

- workable workbook designed by Estelle (49$ value)

- Magic Tool Kit for your yoga class (intention set of cards, essential oils & watercolours) (99$ value)

For specific questions, possibility of flexible payment plan and to assure you are a good fit please email me at

I can't wait to work with you!


NEXT START DATE: September 10th, 2018

What is the Yoga Mentorship? 
Yoga Mentorship is advance online learning tool for yoga teachers. This mentorship crafted for all yoga teachers of any lineage or tradition and regardless of where you live. 

Not in Halifax/ Dartmouth area?
That’s ok!
 We will work together to create a schedule that works for your busy life. 

Yoga is a practice that is constantly evolving. Yoga teachers are leaders in the field of health and wellness . Estelle's mentorship is limited to 10 teachers who have previously completed a 200hr yoga teacher training. 

How does it work? 

In the first week of September, we will schedule a call and chat one-on-one via FaceTime. I will assess your needs. Then, I will give you a Log In and password where a course-site full of resource is available to you. In it there will be six, 1 -hour lecture videos (see topics below). Once all 6 have been watched, and self-introspection questions have been answered -we will again chat one-on-one on FaceTime, covering any and all materials you have questions about. 

IDEALLY: You will find a quiet space to watch the lectures and take notes, write down questions, have your props nearby if needed, etc.  I'd like to schedule our FaceTime call within the same week of you watching the videos so the information is fresh and the formatting of each session stays cohesive. If your schedule doesn't allow for this, don't fret! I will tailor it to make it work for you. 

Please note: Finding your voice has a yoga teacher doesn't happens after watching 6 one-hour videos. But I want to help you improve this for you overtime by giving you specific homework.

Session 1

Hello FEAR

In this first lecture, I cover the first Motto of mentorship inspired by a quote I once read from Cheryl Strayed: "Hello Fear, thank you for being here. You're my indicator that I am doing what I need to do." We discuss all things fear, anguish, worries, mistakes and confidence in the face of teaching yoga one-on-one or in a group.

Session 2

Abolishing Perfection 

In the second lecture, I cover the second Motto of mentorship which is guided from a truth bomb by Danielle Laporte: "Passion over Perfection". We establish tools& ritual to practice abolishing perfection once and for all. 

Session 3


In this third lecture, I cover the tricky business or  planning a sequence. I will give you guideline on how I sequence and what i think is best for a beginners teacher. We will dive into the 'all- levels' class or a class for every BODY. 

Session 4

verbal cuing, play listing

The fourth video is the most technical. Cues! How to cue correctly, simply and to the point. The fundamentals of teaching a good, strong and tight yoga class. Also, the tricky business of adding music to a class. Music that is appropriate and well-received.


Props, Accessibility & Inclusiveness in the yoga room

Learn how to incorporate more prop usage in every class. Start thinking outside the box. I will break the taboo that props are only for  beginners. Learn how to teach, cue and demo with props is to know how to teach good “all levels” class.  

Personally, inclusiveness and connection with your students his has important as the actual class. Learn how to make beginners feel seen, respected and included. How to connect on a human level to your student so they want to return to nobody but your yoga class!

Session 6

Setting intentions & Find your authentic voice &style has a teacher 

In this final lecture we discuss how to how set intention to your class ( more on this in the on-site ONE DAY training October 14th included in this package) while finding your voice has a yoga teacher.

This finale module also discusses business of yoga, social media presence and student- teacher boundary- but also boundaries with yourself so that you never burn - out!

TO CLOSE: We have one more Facetime call which wraps up our time together. If you are in the vicinity, this could be translated in a one-on-one meeting or me attending one of your yoga classes. If you are not teaching presently, I can help you in the launch of your first session. If you are an International student, you could videotape yourself teaching a class (an iphone & tripod  is all you would need) 

I’d like to express my gratitude for you. You have a beautiful, gracious gift.

I would not have been able to teach that class the way I did without all that I’ve learned from you. Within minutes I knew I had to throw my class plan out the window. I’d remembered our conversations about focusing on breath and how to protect backs during folds and how to come back to standing with care. My whole class became a tribute to all you’d taught me and all I’d witnessed in your classes.

You are a beautiful, shining example of a kind heart, a fierce mind and a brave spirit and I am thankful beyond words.
— Ann-Margaret Graham, Dartmouth NS