Yoga Mentorship



MAPS of Yoga Course is an advanced online learning tool for
yoga teachers and practitioners. 

It is specifically designed for you to apply the foundations of yoga in your life.
With it, you apply the wealth of knowledge and gifts offered by this magic practice.



  • Choose to commit for 6 months (recommended) or do it has a monthly package self- pace option. 
  • You will receive a monthly MAP of yoga. (See Curriculum below).
  • Through self-introspection study and artful recreation of the MAPS you will enable a profound understanding of these key components.
  • As a yoga teacher you will be able to share these tools with your students, they are useful personal and social recourses. 
  • The course is available to you indefinitely.
  • It is strongly recommended ( but not obligatory) to take the on-site components to this modules. Especially the ONE- DAY Initiation Art & Yoga Teachers Training. 


  • MAP 1 : Seven Chakras (energy centres)
  • MAP 2: Three Doshas (state of balance)
  • MAP 3: Ten Gods & Goddesses
  • MAP 4: Seventy- Seven Sacred Symbols 
  • MAP 5: Three Gunas ( basic tendencies) 
  • MAP 6:  Asana Energetic
  • More MAPS to come! More detail Curriculum to come! 
  • On-site component of these module will be held at Dartmouth Yoga Centre on Sundays. 
  • Please be aware that content may slightly change to what I get inspired at in the moment! 


  • Your yoga philosophy and psychological learnings can be integrated into your life.
  • Your yoga practice becomes a fascinating quest of self-exploration, self-inquiry and the art that is your life.
  •  If you want to teach people well-being, wholeness and peace it must start with your practice and your life.

Testimonial about Estelle's Yoga Mentorship Program: 

I'd like to express my gratitude for you. You have a beautiful, gracious gift. 
I thought last night about the little conversation we had about my new night class. I would not have been able to teach that class the way I did without all that I've learned from you. Within minutes I knew I had to throw my class plan out the window. I'd remembered our conversations about focusing on breath and how to protect backs during folds and how to come back to standing with care. My whole class became a tribute to all you'd taught me and all I'd witnessed in your beginner classes. I even ended with the quote on the meaning of namaste. 
You are a beautiful, shining example of a kind heart, a fierce mind and a brave spirit and I am thankful beyond words. 

Ann- Margaret Graham, Dartmouth Nova Scotia. 



Must have at least taught one year has a yoga teacher or done the 3-month mentorship START- UP