Summer 2019 BELLIES Wednesdays DYC

Summer 2019 BELLIES Wednesdays DYC


Dartmouth Yoga Centre (122 Portland St.)
7:45pm - 8:45pm

Classes run May 1 - June 26, 2019

HRM Moms and Mammas-to-be! My BELLIES class is renown for guiding you to connect with your body’s innate wisdom in this most auspicious time of your life. I welcome pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. No previous yoga experience is required.This class emphasizes poses that are ideal for pregnant women, with a focus on breathing, strenght, relaxation and toning. Build the courage and strength necessary during pregnancy and labour. Work on maintaining agility that will help you recover after the birth of your baby. This class is a great way to meet other pregnant women in Dartmouth and beyong and to connect to the life growing within you. This class will leave you feeling confident, connected and strong.

*Doctors approval needed before starting this class whether you are high-risk pregnancy or not.

“Just finished my last prenatal yoga class with the knowledgeable, magical, strong and ever inspiring Estelle. This hour on Wednesdays has, since week 10, kept my hormonal rage in check, kept me working through 38.5 weeks and made me way more ok than I ever thought possible with the lack of control and big changes that pregnancy has brought with it. So looking forward to the transition to mamahood and beyond grateful to all my teachers, in all their forms, on this journey.” - Esther Opie ( Halifax, NS)

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