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Yoga Art Magic


The power of art and yoga to build physical and emotional resiliency is real. Yoga, Art & Magic video series is my chance to share with you my personal yoga and meditation practice. I want to demonstrate and teach you how to use symbols and visual imagery in your life in a tangible and super easy way. I want you to benefit from art and yoga has much has I have. It is my duty to share my tricks and secrets. Open the gateway to your own magic!

SUMMER BREAK YOGA with your kiddos! 

Myth: You need to be a yoga teacher to teach your kids yoga

Truth: Yoga is accessible to all.

Watch this short 5 minute clip of 3 easy Yoga breath that you can incorporate in your family during summer break. If a 6 year old can do it, you can do it too!

Yours in long summer days ; ) 

E. xo


When is the best time to practice yoga?

The best time to practice yoga with Estelle is anytime. Free Yoga Magic mini movement practices I created for your deep yearning to be in your body. It incorporate my most magic tools for a magic life. NOW. The practice are my very own tips and tricks for a radiant and inspired life. An intentional and on purpose life. I am excited because the sessions are tried, tested and true. Pluck your email to get first dibs on my new shit. You’ll be the first to know about programs, product and tools to bloom. Ba da boom ba da BLOOM! Get it?

E. xo


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Release Breathing

In this new edition of Yoga, Art & Magic I offer you this very special pranayama


Mini Mantras

Mantra's are little sounds that you repeat in concentration. In this new edition of Yoga, Art,& Magic I offer you 3 of my favourite. "Be Here Now", "Change arrives, I can flow" and "Sat Nam". Each will leave you feeling calm yet uplifted.



In this 20 minute movement class, we call forth the wisdom of the owl. This practice is directly focused to cultivate the deep inner-knowings of your body. We consciously harness and welcome the unknown letting the owl greet us has we are.


Fire gathers energy, intuition and inspiration. This class is dynamic and fiery. We incorporate special breathing exercise and use for sacred symbol cards. We welcome vitality. We are ready to be lit up!


The image of ROOTS is paramount in yoga. It pertains to the anatomy, philosophy and psychology of the practice. Uploading my third class of the YOGA, ART & MAGIC for your rooting to rise!