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The Love Project

I wish someone would have told me back when I lost my son that a heart cannot open to the world if one body is numb. 

Do you find yourself at a cross-road? I do. All the time.

Everything shift and changes, nothing stays the same.

Moving forward in my best most inspired life, I want to be okay with that. Not just okay… I want to thrive and flourish.

Feeling 'blah' physically or emotionally is no way to live a life.

My ONE and only life.

The Love Project is my new workshop series on the learnings and takeaways of my popular blog The Grief Project, now a 7-part CBC Documentary titled Tommy Tinker Forever. This 4-part workshop will explore the power of art and yoga to build physical and emotional resiliency.  

The Love Project is an 4 uplifting 3-hour experience with a PLAN.

  1. Discussion

  2. Gentle Yoga Practice

  3. Mindful Art Exercise.

Included with your investment are Estelle’s favourite magic tools:

For this workshop, Estelle will only accept 15 committed students with the only pre-requisite that you can attend all 4-sessions.

This is a closed workshop. No drop-ins allowed. You need not have rolled out a yoga mat, nor ever picked up a paint brush before (meaning you do not need to feel you are an “artist”) .

This series is for people ready to unfold in new ways, a permission slip welcoming you into your own LOVE PROJECT.

$247 for four 3-hour workshops.

Registration is closed. New dates fall 2019.



Workshop 1: Cocooning

Sunday Feb. 24, 2019

  • Discussion: Defining Yoga ~ Art ~ Magic

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Mindful Art


Workshop 2: Morphing

Saturday Mar. 30, 2019

  • Discussion: Art & Yoga: What’s dark gotta do with my being numb or feeling stuck.

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Mindful Art


Workshop 3: Metamorphosis

Sunday Apr. 28, 2019

  • Discussion: How can I break open my heart. Practical Healing Strategies.

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Mindful Art


Workshop 4: Taking Flight

Sunday May 12, 2019

  • Discussion: Inspiration is a myth. How art & yoga can change your life.  

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Mindful Art

Please note: Estelle has a Masters in Counselling Psychology, a B.A in Psychology and has studied grief extensively with Dr. Francis Weller. She recently completed a Advance Yoga Psychology Course with her long time teacher Ashely Turner. Estelle has been fortunate in teaching movement arts for over 8 years which as accumulated well over 2000 hours of yoga teaching experience with kids, adults, seniors, mental health, trauma survivors and one-on- one private classes work. She is trained in Pre and Post Natal Yoga, and Trauma- Informed Yoga for Self- Regulation and Transitions. Finally, Estelle has completed her Creatively Fit Coaching Program with mentor Whitney Freya which focused on helping people find more creativity in their lives. She’s combine 20+ years of painting and yoga experience to infuse my teaching with profound integration of body, mind and soul.


Is this for me?

These Workshops are for you….

  • You want to help yourself integrate mental/emotional/spiritual transformation with the aid of art and yoga.

  • You are a parent who wants to weave more art, yoga, meditation and spirituality into your life.

  • You are a dedicated yogi ready to go on a deep, inner quest. You are a therapist ready to weave art and yoga with your clients.

  • You want to be a more present human parent, teacher, leader, entrepreneur.

  • Yoga, art, nature (butterflies most especially) TURN YOU ON.

  • You want to enhance your EQ (emotional IQ), empathy and communication skills.

  • You want to meet your ‘people’ a.k.a community of like-minded seekers (15 to be exact) .

  • You are ready (finally) heal old wounds.

  • You have an open mind, big heart and curious mind.

These Workshops are not for you……

  • Want to stay locked in a story of insecurity, holding yourself back, blame or fear.

  • Do not feel the purpose in this life is to awaken and cultivate presence and higher consciousness.

  • Are not willing and open to doing deep, inner work to clear automatic patterns.

  • Like to play the “victim”.

  • You do not wish to incorporate spirituality in your life.

  • Do not want to open up, build deep, vulnerable relationships based on connection and truth.

  • Do not want to take risks and challenge yourself to build the life of your dreams.

  • Focus on comparison and what is missing in your life.

  • Are blazé and disconnected from your life.