Zebra & the Blues

Zebra & the Blues


Book 1 Wilderness Book 1 : ‘Zebras & the Blues’. 🦓💙

This piece is 30 x40 inc with 1 1/2 inc canvas. It is super funky and alive. 

Payment plan is available by emailing info@estellethomson.com 

Shipping invoice is sent seperatly. 

Delivery in HRM is free. 

‘Show your stipes’ the black and white horse gently whispered in my hear. He was majestic and graceful – everything I long to be. I yearned for individuality and unfiltered clarity- for awareness and self- protection. 
Hint..... what you ache for.......it’s already in you.

Love you! 💋E ⭐️ 



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