Day 4& 5 Whale & Boat Diptych

Day 4& 5 Whale & Boat Diptych


7x 5 Acrilyc on Canvas 

The pieces are ready to hand and UV Sprayed. They have one and a half inch depth. Shipping invoice will be set seperatly. 

Day 4& 5 of 100 🐋 ⛵️ 🌊

It’s impossible to be still and quiet all the time. As a whale or dolphin must break surface, only to dive back down, only to break surface again, each of us must break surface into the noise of the world, only to rest our way back into the depths of stillness, where we can know I life more deeply, and so we have it to break surface again. ~ Mark Nepo #wildernessestellethomsonart

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