Remembering Tommy


I always use to say that Tommy was on earth to do big things. Little did I know, that it was his legacy of fierce love, bold life and freedom from it all that would impact us the most. My baby taught me the highest kind of love.


Tommy was born on June 16, 2012 at 26 weeks and 5 days gestation. We spend the following two and a half years in and out of NICUs, hospitals and many appointments. Tommy knocked everyone over with his durability and will to live.

I could show you a pictures of my son full of cords, surrounded by beeping machines, and in incubator- I guess. But that's not how I remember him.

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At the top of two and a half years old, Tommy knew joy and belly laughs like no other. He loved books, talking and singing to himself. His interior life was rich with higher consciousness.

Tommy loved painting with me, I would prop him up on his little bouncy chair and he would just be so content watch the colours unfold on the canvas. Later on, he would roll around on my yoga mat as I practiced or planned my classes. He was my assistant in my Parent & Baby yoga classes. We made quite the team!

Isaiah, my eldest son, was the best at playing with him and making him laugh. Sometimes, I close my eyes and can still hear the high pitch noises of them laughing in unison.



We are so lucky to have many memories of our resilient little guy. My memoir of Tommy is blended in my Grief Project, a collection of 200+ essays, pictures, poems and moments engraved deep within my mind and soul. 

The Grief Project is also the story of my rising in grief- as I have learnt early on missing him wont ever stop.

It is my duty to share him with the world, to tell you how he has been my highest teacher in the power of now- in living my most inspired life and in believing I can make a difference in the world with my art & yoga teaching. I can make the world a magic place.

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Thank you to my #TOMMYTINKERFOREVER for teaching me hard things so in return i can teach others hard things.




In Memory of Tommy


Charity in Memory

In memory of Thomas Knox Thomson, a percentage of my Online Boutique will be allotted to charity who encourages kids to embrace mindfulness and creativity. AS well, charities that are in connection to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Care or other Cerebral Pasly Foundation will also be donated to. 

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