SHE Quest

Summer School


A soul connection online course for women.

July 1 - Aug 31, 2019

This time is upon us. If we want to rise with the power {...} and presence and not just with the rage of our emotions we have to do the inner work.
— Gurmukh

Like many of you, I spent most of my life, particularly in my twenties - living primarily from the masculine. I really tried to be a"good girl" by trying to make it in a man’s world. This included: pushing through anything no matter how I was feeling. I was “busy, busy, busy” and in return the world valued me as a hard worker. I would soldier on through any life event and pride myself on being able to never stop. I thought this is what it was to be strong and healthy. I was neither.

I really tried to be a "good girl"

Now, in hindsight, this time in my life was completely disconnected from my feminine powers since it relied only and completely on will and determination. It’s  not until much later and in the midst of deep grief over loosing my second son Tommy that I began working intentionally on feeling alive but from the inside .  On this inner journey, I discovered how I hold within me both the feminine and the masculine. Now, instead of resisting change, I am flow through change. Instead of over-riding my feelings, I make them my allies. 

Feeling alive, but from inside.

The formula for balancing my act wasn’t always straight forward or absent of guilt, but I let it unfold. First, I began a strict self-care ritual. This included meditation, yoga, dancing and painting every day. It also includes nature and disconnecting from my phone at nights and on weekends.  Slowly but surely, I began to heal (and still work on healing every day!). With self- work came self-love. The more you love yourself, the more magic you can experience.