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SHE Quest

Summer School


A soul connection online course for women.

July 1 - Aug 31, 2019

This time is upon us. If we want to rise with the power {...} and presence and not just with the rage of our emotions we have to do the inner work.
— Gurmukh

Like many of you, I spent most of my life, particularly in my twenties - living primarily from the masculine. I really tried to be a"good girl" by trying to make it in a man’s world. This included: pushing through anything no matter how I was feeling. I was “busy, busy, busy” and in return the world valued me as a hard worker. I would soldier on through any life event and pride myself on being able to never stop. I thought this is what it was to be strong and healthy. I was neither.

I really tried to be a "good girl"

Now, in hindsight, this time in my life was completely disconnected from my feminine powers since it relied only and completely on will and determination. It’s  not until much later and in the midst of deep grief over loosing my second son Tommy that I began working intentionally on feeling alive but from the inside .  On this inner journey, I discovered how I hold within me both the feminine and the masculine. Now, instead of resisting change, I am flow through change. Instead of over-riding my feelings, I make them my allies. 

Feeling alive, but from inside.

The formula for balancing my act wasn’t always straight forward or absent of guilt, but I let it unfold. First, I began a strict self-care ritual. This included meditation, yoga, dancing and painting every day. It also includes nature and disconnecting from my phone at nights and on weekends.  Slowly but surely, I began to heal (and still work on healing every day!). With self- work came self-love. The more you love yourself, the more magic you can experience.

 With Self- Work Came Self-Love. The More You Love Yourself, The More Magic You Can Experience.


2019 is an auspicious and timely age to be a woman.

I do not want to be a passive agent of my life anymore. Yet, I find myself ill-equipped to deal with trauma when it hits. When something does hit (because it does and will) - I am left raw, vulnerable, overwhelmed, isolated and busy. So busy! And who has time to process life? To journal? To create daily rituals and live with intention? I want to build this fortress for myself but I give, give, give, work and text all day. 

SHE QUEST Summer School is the beginning of carving time for yourself. 

  • We start with small pockets of time to just ‘be’ as you are

  • We create a space (physical, mental, spiritual) for yourself where you can come back over and over again 

  • Finally invest in your soul cries to live a fuller, deeper and magical existence. 

  • A recognition that you hold both the masculine and the feminine within you. 

Resiliency and how to cope with anxieties and stress is no joke and yet it is not taught in schools! 

Resiliency and how to cope with anxieties and stress is no joke and yet it is not taught in schools! We wake up feeling ‘funky’ and out of place. In one lifetime we go through many identity crisis, life transitions and special circumstances. The physical, emotional, spiritual dimension of our human existence is fragile, subtle and receives what we give it. How many times have you thought you were ‘over’ something, until well, you weren’t. That type of hang over has happen to me physically and emotionally many times. 


“If you are not free to be who you are. You are not free.” 
– Clarissa Pinkola Estes


What is SHE Quest Summer School?


SHE Quest is a soul connection online program for women. The 8-weeks program access our human need for connection, self-expression and beauty. Connection in all it’s myriad of levels - with self, friends and family and universe.  I believe women crave this but we have NO WHERE to converse, make, release and reflect.

SHE Quest is a modern platform to celebrate your womanhood. A foundation to start authentic and much needed conversation around our soul connection. And it’s about time we redefine the word ‘beauty’. 

SHE Quest is a home to make useless art doodles, meaningful sketches and brave paintings. A dwelling place to reflect on you past, present and future life. A conversation with our own SHE because #SHEISINME. Instead of walking alone, you are now with others SHE’s. 

SHE Quest is a refusal to live numb and small. It’s taking back your own face with courage. It’s deep listening and reverence. It’s a welcoming of everything. 

Together we can take off our masks; show our real faces. Owning it too!


“We go through life. We shed our skins. We become ourselves”
- Patti Smith


how does SHE Quest Summer School work? 

Upon registration you are shipped a Estelle Thomson Art & Yoga Marvelous SHE DECK and new Magic SHE Journal (a new one this year, soon to be revealed!) - these will be your Magic Tools throughout SHE QUEST Summer School. You will then get your own login and password where all the precious Summer School magic reside. This year, SHE Quest Summer School has upgraded to a brand new course-site, moving away from Facebook cacophony. I personally find Facebook crowded and spammy, it’s nice to have our program away from social pollution! So as long as you have internet, you can do SHE Quest!! This program is self-paced and self-directed with support of Estelle and She Leaders. The course-site discussion group is a supportive environment for growth.


Example of the Schedule

The weeks will rotate between these two formats.

Week 1

  • SHE Quest Podcast (New! Available for Summer School students only!)

  • SHE Quest Yoga 

  • SHE Quest Soul Inquiry Journalling Questions

  • SHE Quest Mindful Art 

Time investment (15 min for each!)

Week 2

ZOOM SHE Quest Circle
The week in recap. Recorded so you may watch later and at your own convenience) 
Estelle believes women circles will change the world. You’re IT.



Other Important Dates

SHE Quest Lunch

July 6, Rainbow Haven’s Beach. Cow Bay

Details to be announced soon! Part of this Summer School includes an optional SHE Lunch. Come out to Estelle’s neck of the woods, Cow Bay, NS for yoga on the beach and pot luck style picnic with the women you know and love from our SHE QUEST Summer School group. Bring the kiddies and swimsuits (chilly but worth it!).

SHE Quest Art Show

For the women you know and love. Wear Red, Brown or Pink and bring you Summers painting with you. Your work proudly displayed with others SHE QUESTERS! Meet & Greet women who done the work too. Time to show off you hard work. Details to be announced! Bring the kiddies and partners. They’re will be poetry and live music combined!

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 9.38.40 PM.png

Upon completion of This 8 week program you will:

  • Understand that self- love requires self-work

  • Put yourself first. Create healthy boundaries and permission slip to have a deeper, soul connected life.

  • Expand your knowledge on the inner working of oracle cards and how they can work as a soul compass.

  • Discover the power of visual imagery, journalling and poetry. Your life is your art!

  • Identify yourself as a maker of images - a dream factory (really!). And identify yourself has a SHE ambassador.

  • Be a LUMINARY for other SHE’S who need your LIGHT, LOVE & LIFE.


Who is this for?

You can join this program and enter a community of like minded millennials, professionals, mothers, “metoo” hastaggers, empty-nesters, and, and and…!! The revolution starts at home. This program is badass. You are IT.

SHE Quest is a magic tool that will channel your rise in womanhood. It will amplify your MAGIC.

SHE Quest, paint workshops, lunches and decks have helped hundreds of women embrace their bodies, cultivate inner peace, reorganize their identity and step in full in their power as women.

It’s like her hair and it’s like her dreams. 
I’ll get that shampoo, please 👆🏼👆🏼
Yours in imagination, always.
E ⭐️ #shepaintsrumi #the100dayproject #estellethomsonart #arteverydamnday #watercolour #canadianartist #visualart #creativityfound #createordie

Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that YOU must become its soul.
- Coretta Scott King


 How can you celebrate the ONE life you have been given? 


Optional Material (Not included)

  • Watercolour palettes and/or pencils

  • Watercolour paper

  • Paint brushes

  • Yoga mat

SHE Quest Pricing

New! You have LIFETIME access to July and August content. I heard your requests from 2018 and for 2019 and all content you purchase will be available to you indefinitely.

Early bird ends June 18th (Save $30)
$167 includes SHE Deck, Journal, Tax, Shipping
$147 included Journal, Tax, Shipping (this option is if you already have a SHE Deck)

*Summer school doors closes June 24th (gives me enough time to ship your decks and journals). 

Pricing Break Down

$15 a week for Estelle’s weekly podcast, yoga, lesson and virtual support.
SHE Deck ($35)
SHE Journal ($15) - you get them both for $27!

Bonus materials include: 

  • SHE Quest Guest: Local Halifax women who are living expression of SHE and work in the field of taking off masks will be interviewed in Podcast! 

  • SHE Quest Recommended Library: books you’ll want to read and love.

  • SHE Quest Online Article Resources: virtual inspiration to nurture magic.

  • Heart opening TED Talks and probably more perks because I love giving free shit!

  • Included SHE Journal and SHE Deck at a ridiculous price - both of which you will need for Summer School!

*Option below to be part of Summer School even if you have already purchase the deck- I will then only send you a journal. 

 Come as you are. 

Celebrate and illuminate your womanhood. Explore how can you can fully embrace and put in action your feminine powers, stories and bodies. Expect inspiration and connection. Through self-introspection, conversation and art, we can expand, explore and empower our inner gifts. Creative work outs gives us the permission to tell our stories. Absolutely no art or journaling experience needed. 

No more doubts.
No more hiding.
More singing. 
More you.