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SHE Quest


SHE Quest Summer School


Thank you for your interest. Summer school is now closed. Estelle is now busy taking care of the participants in this class. Namaste, ladies.

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Journaling Quest

Through prompts, writing tools and artwork SHE Quest is a call to live a more intentional, fierce life.

Dig into the following 9 journaling quests to start the conversation with yourself.

SHE Collection

The Marvelous Decks

Estelle has TWO deck of cards from her original SHE collection They are beautiful, fun, and cool. The deck are portals for radical self inquiry and meaningful discourse with yourself, friends, family and strangers. Together we can awake our best life as girls, women, mother and the wild and wise within.

The Marvelous SHE Deck

The Marvelous Mama Deck

SHE Paintings & Prints


Original Paintings


Ways to use the SHE Deck

  • Use as an intention or message for your day.
    Look at the image before heading out for the day, perhaps place it on the fridge or bathroom mirror.
  • If you are familiar with meditation or creative visualization, you may select a card as your symbol of focus. Close your eyes and hold the image in your mind’s eye as part of your inward journey.
  • Health professionals, yoga teachers and yoga practitioners can use it as a high resonance tool for intention-setting.
  • Frame your favourite.
  • Give some to the daughters, girlfriends and badass women you know and love.
  • Paint how the words of the cards resonate with you.
    Five minutes to get some watercolours and brushes out. Let the stream of consciousness flow through you and on to paper.


SHE Quest Summer School Is Now Closed!

Celebrate and illuminate your womanhood. Explore how can you can fully embrace and put into action your feminine powers, stories and bodies. Expect inspiration and connection. Through self-introspection, conversation and art, we can expand, explore and empower our inner gifts. Creative work outs gives us the permission to tell our stories. Absolutely no art or journaling experience needed.