For us not ready to let go of Week 2...

Hello my loves! 

Week's 2 is a biggie, and one I think EVERYONE has issues with. 

Obviously,  for women loving our bodies is a BIG one and an ongoing practice of cultivating kindness and love lens towards ourselves. I found this blog of yoga teacher and author Kimber Simpkins : I find it to give  simple do-able practices to invite in more body love. It also just create conversation around this touchy issue overall. 

I believe it is in RESPECT week that we are going to write love letters to ourselves and then create some mantras in paint— I cannot wait! But before then, there is something I would recommend you  explore in your journalling. 

In Week 2, I noticed how we termed our 'inner critic' , 'inner voice', our 'fear' our 'hate'. l suggest that you speak and write to these guys like they were real people.  I know it's weird, but this is how you start a conversation with 'hate', for example. Dear hate, why are you doing this to me. Why are you negative all the time etc. When you give these bad guys attention they, they don't amplify,  they actually quiet down. You see, the inner critic never leaves you. Think of all of them fear, hate, guilt, shame at a table with you, or riding a car - the more you talk to them, the more they quiet down. I personally tell them that you're welcomed here, but take the back seat, please. 

What time of day do you notice you have most negative self-talk? 

For me night is the most vulnerable time. Perhaps throughout the days, I've seen something I didn't like about myself, something felt off. At night, I suddenly realize how tired I am and I  have heaps of self-judgement flow. Morning, too sometime, but that time is easier for me since i a a morning person and always look forward to my many mindfulness and mantra practice ( one of my fav: I AM WHOLE. I AM PERFECT).  


Anyhoo- Thought I'd drop in. 

Looking  & loving you on your quest, E. xo