Tips for Making SHE QUEST rituals a Habit


Tips for Making SHE QUEST rituals a Habit

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.”- Tony Robbins

  • Do ‘the work’ in the morning. The longer the day goes the more our willpower gets exhausted and the more distractions arise.
  • Find the time in your morning when you are most refreshed and inspired and make this your daily SHE QUEST/ soul connection time. For some people it is when they first wake up. For others, it is after coffee, breakfast, showering or exercise. Know yourself.
  •  It helps to pick a specific time and stick with it. Just as your body knows when it is time to wake up, time to sleep or time for coffee, your body will get used to meditating if it is done at the same time every day. It will cooperate and make it easier for you.
  • Find a quiet spot in your home that is your place for meditation. It can be helpful to create an altar or arrange your space in a soothing way that is inspiring and not distracting. Choose a few items that are meaningful for you. Just being in this spot will help you want to feel like meditating.
  • Start small. Decide on a goal that is doable to begin with. Try the 5 min approach It is better to commit to 5 minutes of meditation every day, and to actually do it, than to commit to 45 minutes a day and to quit after the first few days.
  • Get exercise! Being outside at least once a day and moving your body will help you have more energy and willpower to meditate. This is intentionally why I have made SHE QUEST in the summer! Even a 5–10 minute walk in nature can refresh and rebalance the nervous system and help to flush out stagnant energy.
  • Stretch! Doing yoga or even just a few stretches before meditation greatly helps to bring the mind into the present moment. Have I have 4 installement of Yoga Art Magic ( Online Yoga) on my website!


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  • Set aside time to do ‘the work’. Commit to doing it as mindfully as possible, without distractions such as TV, radio, talking on the phone or looking at the computer.

TIP: Breaking the rule on this, means you can find other ways to do the work ( be present, mindful in your daily life) It can be as simple as dedicating your shower time to being fully in the present, noticing sensations of the warm water, scents of the soap, etc.

  • Use your favorite distractions as mindfulness reminders! Many of us have become habituated to checking our phones, getting online, turning on the TV when we feel bored or unsettled. 

When  you notice yourself reaching for your favorite distraction, try giving yourself at least 30 seconds to simply pause and notice your breath, mind and the sensations in your body. You may notice emotions such as anxiety or sadness. This is a chance to simply be with those emotions (more on this as we go with our program). After 30 seconds you may find that you prefer being in the present moment. or you may decide to carry on with your favorite distraction....a lot more mindfully!

TIP: I love the app ‘Moment’. It tells me how much time I actually spend on my phone each day!

The Mindfulness Mantra… yes they’re a mantra for that!

As you begin to bring mindfulness of the present moment into your daily life, you will begin to notice the moments when you are not mindful. In moments of stressed-out busy-mind it can help to say the mindfulness mantra to yourself:

"This is what I am doing right now."

Saying this can be powerful tool to give yourself permission to be exactly where you are right now.