SHE Quest

Coming this September!
SHE Quest Monthly Membership

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Groups run by and for women are our psychic turf; Our place to discover who we are, for who we can become, as a whole independent human being. Somewhere in our lives, each of us need a free place, a little psychic territory.

Do you have yours?
— Gloria Steinhem

In September, SHE Quest will evolve into a monthly membership to better support you on your spiritual quest.

Something’s coming.
Something’s brewing. 
No more doubts.
No more hiding. 
More singing. 
More YOU.
💥 💥 💥 💥 
Yours in feeling alive but from inside,
E ⭐️ #sheisinme #soulconnection #youreit #thetimeisnow

When you sign-up, every month I’ll be sending you a mix of incredible heart opening SHE Quest podcasts, powerful yoga practices, beautiful mindful art exercises, insightful journalling prompts and ever more perks (I've been known to give a lot of free shit!). You have first dibs on my latest art and yoga workshops. Not only this- you will instantly get a gorgeous printable workbook with quotes, soul inquires and the groundwork and philosophies of SHE Quest.

You’ll also receive a number of grounding tools - an oracle deck of cards (made by me!) and a journal ( made by me too!) that I know will help you amplify your connection to soul and help you carve time for yourself, no matter where you are on SHE Quest.

That's not all! You will receive immediate access to our private monthly SHE Quest circle of like-minded supportive fellow SHE Questers and SHE Quest leaders who are committed to live life from the feminine. Women that want to see you succeed, rise and cheer you on as you move towards your intentional life.

The best time to commit to this sort of quest is when your life feels the craziest! When you feel you are juggling so many priorities and responsibilities that time out with your soul feels impossible. If that sounds like you, the "too busy for anything art and yoga type" then I promise that this is going to help you more than anyone.

I’ve designed everything in the SHE Quest monthly membership so that the platform is easy and super quick to access and use. Seriously, even if you only devote one hour a month to it, it will be worth your while! A one hour soul date is better than no soul date!

I’m so excited to see how your life will change when you initiate self-compassion in taking care of your soul as a necessity and priority.

I will be welcoming new members into our circle for a limited time in September and then we’ll be closing the doors so that we can create a sacred space together - so don’t miss your chance to join our circle in SEPTEMBER!!

I can’t wait to hold space for you on your spiritual journey and to guide your ever-evolving connection to soul.