SHE: Shakti- Print

SHE: Shakti- Print

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Both original acrylic and original watercolour of this piece sold.

For the first SHE Print of the week, I have chosen a piece called: SHAKTI. On Sunday, Oprah’s speech took the world by storm. At that moment in time, Oprah was embodying her Shakti powers to it’s fullest. She was helping us expand and empower our inner gifts and gave us permission to tell our stories. They’re was an edge to her words, an audacity and roar that could be felt reverberating in our bodies and heart. Personally, her words hit me like powerful crashing , cleansing waves. It truly felt like a new dawn and a new day for womanhood.

This week reflect and write it in the comment section when in your life have you embodied your Shakti powers? Perhaps it’s when you spoke up about a cause that means a great deal to you. Perhaps it was in childbirth or the snippets of inner peace you feel sitting by yourself after a long day.  When in your life have you felt profound confidence in yourself? When have you felt supported from within?


My hope is that you use the SHE visual of the week as a self-exploration tool for personal growth and harness courage to show up for yourself with edge! This is the way you can put into actions what Oprah, like a bomb, dropped on Sunday – “speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have! “

🔻Day 8/100 #the100dayproject EMBODYING SHAKTI: expands and empowers your inner gifts, let's you flow at your growing edge and can also give you profound profound confidence that your are supported from within, and even from the universe itself. •Sally Kempton #100daysofpaintingSHE#estellethomsonart #arteverydamnday

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