The SHE Deck

The SHE Deck

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Twenty 5x7 framable intention-setting cards are for the bitches you know and love. 

The She Deck: this deck of 20 magnificent cards speaks directly to women. May it help you set potent intentions for daily life. Let each SHE card help you anchor in your authentic self. Allow them to bring you light, joy and peace. Treat each image like a guide to positive, wholesome energy. With it, you can unfold in new ways and open up to your truth. Your own sacred alchemy of womanhood. Whether undecided or  curious,imperfect or gifted. Soar high. Dig deep. May these cards fill you with insight, wisdom and hope.


Ways you can use your SHE DECK

  • Use the SHE cards to serve as a message for your day.
  • Look at the image before setting off to their place of work, perhaps place it on the fridge or bathroom mirror.
  • Health professionals, yoga teachers and yoga practitioners can use it as a high resonance tool for intention-setting.
  • If you are familiar with meditation or creative visualization, you may select a card as your symbol of focus. Close your eyes and hold the image in your mind’s eye as part of your inward journey.
  • Frame your favourite.
  • Give to the mothers, daughters, and grandmothers you know and love.
  • Why not paint how the words on the cards resonate with you? Five minute to get some watercolours and brushes out. Let the stream of consciousness flow through you and on to paper. No judgment, only aliveness.
  • As you gain more rapport with your images, undoubtedly you will invent your own unique ways to incorporate them into your life.

Estelle Thomson has been teaching Yoga for 8 years and actively uses them in her classes right now. 

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