Retreats 2019


Yoga & Creativity Retreat - France

May 26 - June 1, 2019

Guiding you on the France Retreat, my intention is for you to re-claim your imagination and intuition. I want for you to experience a week where you are seen, pampered, taken care of and listened too with absolutely no pressure to perform. This is a selfish trip- one about showing up for yourself with edge. My wish for our group is to have tons of silly fun and indulge in the stunning countryside of France- and wine! and cheese! The week is about permission, passion and peace. Permission to be who you are without any masks! Passion to explore, play, and burn fears and old ways. Unwavering peace- a clear conduit to your authentic self. Feeling full. Feeling free. Lastly, I promise that magic harnessed will fit in your suitcase back home. You will live elevated in spirits, lighter in body and most of all you will know how to rise, rooted.