Le Jardin Magique, 2016 Colossal Collection

Le Jardin Magique, 2016 Colossal Collection


No big deal.... these two 4ftx 4ft piece only took me like, 5 months to do πŸ™‰πŸ˜ΉEach week, layer upon layers revisiting the gardens πŸ’, then ink, more white and finally the last layer outside for best light.

In the process, I have hated them, I've *almost* smash them, destroyed them and finally tipping point when you wake up one morning and they don't seem so bad after all .

In these past months, i have learn that if you look at something long enough, you will love it. It works with anything: a leaf πŸƒ, a body part πŸ‘ƒπŸ», and even an enemy 😈. Inside you there is compassion, there is inspiration, there is determination. 

I love this picture of me, because I know I am finally ,like, done. Done, done. Fuck yeah.


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