Between ART & YOGA, I want to help people widen their lens on the vital role that creativity plays in their daily life.

I wish to elevated, uplift and most of all rise, rooted. I am a mover and a shaker.

My aim is to ignite seeds of awakening through yoga, painting, writing, video, local, international and online-base classes and workshops.

My platform is spiritually progressive, one that is grounded in self-love, awareness, knowledge, commitment to soul connection and communal support.

I want to always stay a learner- to expand my art and yoga practice to feel strong physically but also mentally through travelling the world, books and trainings.

I train my inner life by working with intentions, symbols, poetry, myths, rituals and practice, practice, practice!

Most especially, I strive to make my personal and family life a work of art, that i may never forget the masterpiece that is in and all around me.



Regard for one’s own well-being and happiness comes first. That self -love is harnessed in vulnerability and bravery. It requires taking your heart in your own hands and asking it ‘what’s up’? Self- love depends on showing up for my one life boldly and with edge. Ultimate compassion, boundaries and setting priorities are vital in my life’s love project. I can only revolutionize the world if I revolutionize myself.  


Awareness is the key to the lock you’ve been waiting impatiently for. With awareness learning comes, then patience comes, then forgiveness comes, then acceptance comes, then release comes. Awareness requires you to stop pretending you are blind to the substance of your life that need tending. Stop hiding. Instead, start looking and loving at the whole spectrum colour wheel.


Any chance I get to take my head out of the sand, I do. Ask questions, raise you hand, speak out, investigate and learn to be wrong. Re-educate yourself in what matters of the heart, things you carry. If we are to re-educate our culture on how to grieve which is really how to love, we need to start feeling more, empathize more, connect more. Which leads me to the next pillar.

Commitment to Soul Connection

Here, a gateway into the deeper resonance of your innermost being. Soul connection initiates a call back to yourself, helps you navigate the ups and downs, the unknown and mysteries without feeling completely highjacked physically, emotionally and spiritually. I believe we crave this in our inner quest for the true self.


Together, and with our families, we can live more aware, bold and whole. For this- I must first feel supported, safe and held. With art and yoga has allies you are to find support within. A way to unleash freedom and joy. Through these new found magic tools you now become ready to shine your light on the world! You become a light-seeker- a luminary for all the recovering yogis and artist of the world. Shout at them: You are an artist! Everyone is a maker of beautiful things!

You are an artist! a maker of beautiful things!

Feeling 'blah' physically or emotionally is no way to live a life. I want to help make a difference in the world, sprinkle sparkles into your life. But first, I need you to be willing to enter your hearts deepest desires and dreams. Longing. A permission slip. I promise, if you dare to face the dark stuff, you get to harness the good stuff.

Ready to serve.

with love,