21 Days Of Daily Creative Leaps

Online Mindful Art

21 days to initiate a daily watercolour art practice.
Time to get out of creative hiding and tap into your magic.


Earth & Sky

Things that Inspire

There are so many Earth & Sky themes: sunrises, sunset, mountains, sparks, bubbles, whirlpools. In this 21-days, we learn that everything breathes – everything is in constant movement. You art is moving and changing- so are you.

Thich Nahn Hann writes “Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet”. Us mindful artist says : Paint as if you are kissing the earth with your paintbrush!

Class start date: Jan. 13, 2019 ( CLOSED )


Love & Loss

Things that Glow

We don’t often think of loss as something that glows! Speaking of love is easier than loss, and yet both are very much part of everyday life. Transitions in it’s many form is an opportunity to shift our awareness and unfold in new ways. This is what is available to you during this painting experience: comfort, wonder and acceptance. 

This is a powerful 21 days where we paint stories, poems, and explore the butterfly life cycle in relation to love & loss .

The opposite of grief is not joy or happiness or laughter, it is love, it is love, it is love. Akif Kichloo ( us Mindful Artist say the same thing!)

Class start date: Mar. 10, 2019


Women & Power

Things that Feel

Discover the way of SHE. What does it mean to be woman, and how can we connect to this awakening power of Shakti. SHE QUEST touches on the masks we cling too, secrets we hold on too, and the courage we carry deep in our bones and brushstrokes. With small daily act of  bravery (aka painting every day), you learn how to harness your hearts secrets. Show up for yourself with edge!

Oprah says: “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have”. Us mindul artist say: “painting in watercolours everyday is the most powerful tool we have”. Come in, enjoy for 21 days: the feminine magic lifestyle. 

Class start date: May 5


Flowers & Herbs

Things that Bloom

Discover the magical and mysterious world of flowers & herbs. There habitat, meaning & purpose. One flower a day to keeps the funk away. This is one of my most popular 21 days- it speaks to the language and power of flowers.

Henri Matisse says “they’re are flowers for those that choose to see them”. Mindful artists agree with Matisse.

Class start date: Jul. 7, 2019


Whales & Mermaids

Things that Swim

This course is what lit up my mission into transforming people lives with art & yoga. It’s easy for me to get inspired by anything that is ‘under-the-sea’ and in Nova Scotia (where I live now) our love for the ocean runs deep!

Class start date: Oct. 6, 2019