21 Days Of Daily Creative Leaps

Online Mindful Art

21 days to initiate a daily watercolour art practice.
Time to get out of creative hiding and tap into your magic.


Flowers & Herbs

Things that Bloom

Discover the magical and mysterious world of flowers & herbs. There habitat, meaning & purpose. One flower a day to keeps the funk away. This is one of my most popular 21 days- it speaks to the language and power of flowers.

Henri Matisse says “they’re are flowers for those that choose to see them”. Mindful artists agree with Matisse.

Class start date: Jul. 7, 2019


Whales & Mermaids

Things that Swim

This course is what lit up my mission into transforming people lives with art & yoga. It’s easy for me to get inspired by anything that is ‘under-the-sea’ and in Nova Scotia (where I live now) our love for the ocean runs deep!

Class start date: Oct. 6, 2019