Summer Art & Yoga Initiation Week

Summer Art & Yoga Initiation Week


This new four day module is a chance for yoga teachers, school teachers and therapist of any lineage or tradition to learn how to instruct a yoga class using the power of visual imagery. Expect connections, shares, introspection and discussion. To be able to teach this type of class, you need first and foremost to access it from within. Estelle calls this ‘the work’.

When: July 15- 18, 2019
Where: Dartmouth Yoga Centre 
122 Portland Street
Time Commitment: 9am - noon
Cost: $297 CAD
{includes a self-exploration/instructional booklet ($34 value), one sacred symbol print ($15 value) and all art materials use during the day}


8:45am {please arrive at least 15 minute early}
9:00am YOGA/MEDITATION with Estelle {symbol prescription}
10:00am Sacred Symbol Study . Overview of major guidelines for teaching yoga with art. Learn how to connect the dots (chakra, mudra, chant, quote, potent words)
11:00-Noon Mindful Art Session


"Any Action Done With Beauty And Purity, And In Complete Harmony Of Body, Mind And Soul Is Art. In This Way Art Elevates The Artist. As Yoga Fulfills The Essential Need Of Art, It Is An Art.”

- BKS Iyengar

What you can expect:

  1. Discussions on the characteristics of how art and yoga intersects and are meaningful for our bodies, hearts and minds;

  2. Use art as catalysts for designing your yoga classes plan.

  3. Make art (you will sketch and paint!), pull intentions in relation to a theme-based class; Presentations and discussion of current scientific research associated with yoga, mindfulness and art.

  4. Tips and techniques for starting your own yoga program in rented spaces, your community or living room!

  5. Wholesale discounts on all of Estelle’s Decks and what she calls ”Magic Tools”

  6. Estelle’s INITIATION Manual as guide and future resource.

As a result of this week, Estelle’s believe participants will be able to:

  • Conceive, design and teach a yoga class integrating art and intention

  • Construct and teach a yoga classes that include creative and expressive art

  • Create and teach activities to centre, relax or rejuvenate

  • Learn, practice and weave intention and amplify the magic of your class

  • Use yoga and art to teach tools and techniques to empower audiences

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