Lead with love or fear ?

As yoga teachers, we are conscious leaders. Leaders are self-aware (i.e: know their strengths and weaknesses), hold themselves accountable, inspire with a clear vision (intention, sankalpa), listen for possibilities and are constantly learning and become luminaries.

It’s important to differentiate between love and fear leadership style.


Lead with Fear:

  • Negative self-talk: I am not enough

  • Stuck in the past

  • Dream small

  • Rigid thinking

  • Problem focusing

  • Believes in struggling/mending

  • Victim mentality

Lead with Love:

  • Driven by love and empowerment of self and others.

  • Positive self talk

  • Able to see possibilities.

  • Dreams big

  • Flexible thinking

  • Solution focused

  • Believe doing what you love without struggle (when struggle shows up, follow it, and say: was is it here to teach me?)