A free online Mindful Art Guide

Marks & Doodles

Marks & Doodle is my most basic Mindful Art Program. This FREE guide is my chance to do something about the state of the world’s creative health!

I want to debunk what it means to be creative in your life, and what that actually look like.

Making art is in you! You’ve just forgotten how. 

Let me help you remember. But first, I need to lay down the groundwork for your awakening.

What your muse needs. 

This was originally a 5-day guide, but I often done with groups in 30 min to one hours. You’re deciding from the gecko how to go about it.

I need your commitment! I only ask minimum 5 minutes for each “DAY”. Just do it! Get down to it. Stop whining. Sit your butt on a chair and paint! Everyone has five minutes. Make time for this guide that has been kindly provided to you for FREE. To make time might require you to make adjustment in your schedule, a little space on your dinner table, or put your dog on a leash (or kid on the iPad) - for FIVE minutes for the next five days or 30 minutes.. You’ve got this! 

I want you to write down the answers to these questions: (do it right now, from your gut instinct!) 

  • Am I creative?

  • Am I an artist?

  • What is the story of my art life? 

  • When did I start thinking I wasn’t creative?

  • What is the new story of my art-life that I want to begin? 

Lastly, set an intention for your week ahead! Perhaps your intention is to ‘have fun!’ to ‘connect’ or ‘be present’. Perhaps have this word or phrase close by when you paint this week.

Watch this 5-minute video on the STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS TECHNIQUE, the meaning of Creativity, what is mindful art and materials. 


The Dot

Good Day Creatives, today for our FIRST exercise we paint dots!

Using the stream of consciousness technique from the video in the Welcome Kit, paint dots! I love using little square shaped papers, like the one on the picture, it makes my creative leaps feel less daunting to begin with. Time yourself painting different coloured dots for a minimum of 5 minutes. 

The intention in Marks & Doodles is always to be open to what is happening in the moment. To be here now, with the brush, paper and colours. To embrace the whole experience. Do not hold yourselves back - to go for it! Let go of the need to be safe, cautious, timid, perfect, neat, pretty, beautiful, competent, or any other ideals you have in your head of what your dots should look like today. The ultimate goal, this week, is to express yourself in a completely natural and fluid way. 

Think of your 5 minutes of daily painting time as a little warm home you come back to over and over again. Breathe long and deep as you dab the brush in and out of the paint.


The Line

Using the stream of consciousness technique from the video in the Welcome Kit, paint lines!

Have you tried using the square shaped pieces of paper yet? I have those all over my house now! Today, let’s get playing and experimenting. Try two colours together or one on top of the others. Let your painting dry and draw some lines with sharpies on top. Stay with the uninterrupted flow of painting - this is the technique we will be using all week.  

The intention in Marks & Doodles should always be to put marks on the page. The action of doodling, painting and creative connections happens on the paper. There is a block I often see in artists that take my Online Mindful Art class. We make something and then we say: “yeah but, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to”. This goes back to a fear of failing, being wrong, and making mistakes. Did you know you have learned what you consider to be pretty or ugly? 

In mindful art, there is no right or wrong way to paint! Imagine that. I don’t know about you, but my life hasn’t turned out the way I wanted to. I still fear failing, being wrong and making mistakes. But with art, my actions take me further. With my little squares, every day, I take a risk, I flirt with the unknown. With small daily acts of bravery - I get to say: “Yeah, my painting didn’t turned out the way I wanted it to, but may be it can turned out better than I wanted to!”

Use your 5 minutes of daily painting time this week as a way to disconnect from what’s busy and loud in your life. 


The Spiral

Using the stream of consciousness technique from the Welcome Kit, paint spirals!

Today, let’s claim your intuition and imagination. I love to repeat time and time again these precious word - how can you dive deep for 5 minutes a day in your inner world? How is the uninterrupted flow of painting going? Is it easy or is it hard? For fun and giggles - You could perhaps close your eyes and paint your spirals today. OR…I dare you to take your non-dominant hand and paint spirals – another stream of consciousness technique less commonly used. 

The intention in Marks & Doodles should always be about improvisation, spontaneity and gut feelings. The daily five minutes do not have to be difficult. You can put on some nice inspiring tunes, or even repeat internally to yourself the mantra YES. Yes! Using mantras while I work channels my focus and connection to the moment even more. It elevates my experience of making art. 

So far, how has each day felt? Have some marks & doodle felt better on day 1 or day 2. Do you find it less daunting to sit down and paint? Is there a day you would like to repeat already? Have you notice how some colours speak to you more than others? 

Keep using your 5 minutes of daily painting time this week as a way to unleash the floodgate of creativity that’s already in you. YOU ARE AN ARTIST. YOU ARE A MAKER OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS. 

YES! Now you know how to start a painting with…a spiral! 


The Square

Using the stream of consciousness technique from the Welcome Kit, paint squares.

By this fourth exercise, I hope that you know that your art is mistake- free! I actually believe that mistakes are breakthroughs. Mistakes are where the juicy creative flow is! Going beyond reality and into the deep imaginary, thriving and going beyond. The best inventions the world knows where just that: mistakes! 

The intention in Marks & Doodles should always be an unplanned painting, in that way opening yourself up to new outcomes. There is a question I have been asking myself for a while now. It goes like this: Do I follow what I think is me or go where life leads me? 

Self-proclaimed creative folks go where the painting (aka life) leads them - not where they think it’s supposed to lead them! Do you understand? For example, maybe you think ‘pink’ is you, it’s always been you, you just love pink, you know you look good in pink, etc. Well then, that puts you in a box (a pink box, if you don’t mind me saying). But, what if for today, the brush is leading you to green. Oh my! Will you go for it, or just stay stuck and say “but I’ve always been pink!!”? Get it? 

As mentioned in Exercice 3 - creativity BFF is…Risk. Take that, Miss Pink! If you get this concept you are on your way to your most inspiring and creative life! 

Awesome! Now you know how to start a painting with…a square!


The Swirls

Now you are a pro at the stream of consciousness technique! Perhaps you could invite someone in your household to paint swirls today? Be a Marks & Doodle luminary?  It’s Exercise 5…what? You did it! Challenge accepted and done. 

The intention in Marks & Doodles is to think of what you are painting is your life. I started painting at 13-year-old and I’ve only understood this concept about five years ago. That what was unfolding in front of my very eyes as I paint was…my life! That I am full of dots, lines, spirals, squares, and swirls. That what I make and paint is the substance of my life itself.  Moreover, the way I judge, comment, self-criticized – my self-doubts and fears. I feel making art is an invitation for self-introspection and heightened awareness of my life. 

Guys! We are so hard on ourselves. The things I hear in mindful art classes would just break your heart. Some women look at their mermaid painting and say: I despise her. And I say: “that mermaid is in YOU! You are speaking to yourself my darling, darling girl”. Courage is a muscle! Compassion is a muscle! Creativity is a muscle! Being is a muscle. 

To wake up to the jewels of taking time each day to make something is not easy, but the rewards: Expansion! Miracle! Release! I wish this for you. 

What a privilege it is to have this capacity to make and self-reflect. To meet and befriend our demons. To realize that your life is a masterpiece and making beautiful things is woven in everyday things like cooking, getting dressed, tending to your gardens, pets, and children. Creativity is engaging with the world the way you were meant to engage with the world. 

Your last exercise with me. It’s been a wild ride! YAY!  
Now you know how to start a painting. Period.  
Now you undeniably know you are CREATIVE. You are an Artist. A maker of beautiful things.