The 5-Day Guide to Creative Liberation

Marks & Doodles

Creativity exist in all of us. It’s your birthright. Creativity isn’t just about the arts – it is part of something bigger and greater. Part of something…MAGIC! 

Marks & Doodles is the 5-Day Guide to Creative Liberation. 

It’s FREE. 

This program is designed for humans who do not see themselves as creatives or dare I say it - artistic!  Let me prove you otherwise. With passion and gusto - marks and doodles - I have five days to convince you otherwise. 

I believe that if we practice daily creative leaps (i.e. mini acts of bravery) then we nurture and exercise our creative muscles and brain. There, we find incredible power of just “being”. 

Painting marks and doodles has been an empowering tool in navigating my own life’s transitions. My hope is that the same happens for you.


How does it work? 

First sign-up.

You will receive one short email every morning with access to a 5-minutes video by me, your muse-fairy. 

I encourage you post on social media under #doodlemefree your Marks & Doodles journey. If you want to move at your own pace, you can register now, and save your emails in your mailbox.

I’m Gonna Leap

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  • Don’t go out of your way! Use what you already have at home. Raid the kid’s drawers. 

  • Most simple: one pen, pencil, markers, paper (any kind) 

  • Paints: I love using watercolour pad ($7 at Michael’s), watercolour paper, brush and paper. 

  • 5 minutes of uninterrupted time (i.e. no phones, no smart watches, minimal disruption) 

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.38.52 AM.png


  • Simple and direct techniques in mindful art and an introduction to creative living

  • Renewed creative confidence

  • A taste of openness and joy from allowing your hands to draw and your paintbrush to swirl

  • A lift in spirit (think jumping in clear and cool water on a hot summer day…ahhhh) 

  • Undeniably knowing that you are a creative being