The Team

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I was over at @cbcns last week for a Q and A session in ‘Innovation In Storytelling’ and it dawn on me that I had never publicly thank these guys for the hard, hard work put in on #TommyTinkerForever
For Ken on the right, who pitch the idea to me in the first-place writing, and I quote, that the Grief Project was “the most powerful thing I`ve seen” and for Dave on the left who’s spent hours and days filming, editing content, going through old ipads of mine (lord only knows what he must have found on there 🙊). Both being all around awesome, trustworthy and encouraging in my steep learning curve of writing scripts, visuals and choosing outfits and music for TV. 
But it was so refreshing for all of us- them not having to think of news & current affairs for a split of a second and I to team up with passionate individuals with an undeniable thirst for life and a real desire to tell stories (mine) with a BAM. 💥 
As we were closing the Q & A session, the presenter highlighted the magic felt in our project could be sense from our team just sitting there. I felt a pang of thanks. She was so right.

Go Team! 👊🏼✨
E. xo
N.b: Please note that this picture was taken by @jessieredmondphoto who’s butterfly visual imagery were instrumental in the making of Tommy’s doc! 😘 love you Jess

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