Tending Your Garden of Grief

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🌱Through my transformative journey in grief and love, I’ve been blessed to realize how wide and alive grief really is. That we grieve our lost loves, but that we also grieve the life we expected to have with them. That grief is felt in – going through divorce (and getting married too, btw!), cancer, losing a job - and that these types of grief (and others not mentioned) are rarely highlighted in our Western culture.

There are other things I have learned and still learn every day. First, that teachers are present in our lives in many forms. For example, my studies in yoga and symbols, painting flowers and meditating in front of a sunrises have taught me more than any book or my Masters in Counselling combined. Second, to not be afraid or thrown off by sadness. Instead, to integrate and welcome it to dance with it and to imagine grief like a garden that needs tending. Third, that looking, listening and connecting with people in pain can help heal our own.

Every Friday’s in February at noon AST on Facebook Live I will host FREE 20-minute Workshops called “Tending Your Garden of Grief”. This Friday, FEBRUARY 1st will be the Introductory Session. 
Feb 1: 5 ways we grieve 
Feb 5: 5 ways to tend to your garden of grief with yoga 
Feb 15: 5 ways to tend to your garden of grief with art 
Feb 22: 5 ways to tend to your garden of grief with nature 
-Grounding meditation & Color Breathing
-Eye-opening discussion to widen your lens on what it means to grieve. -Hands-on (and did I mention free!) tools for healing & connection
-Books, Podcast & Teachers inspiration for each week’s module
-Giveaways & Gifts from Estelle Thomson’s Art Shop
Just click on link in bio to join 🌱
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