No Hiding

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I was looking at the items go by at the Superstore while the cashier was being friendly to Isaiah. ‘How old are you, buddy?’ she asked to be friendly. ‘Oh my, you are some tall for 3!’. The avocados went by, and then yogurt, as she candidly asked: “so buddy, do you have a big brother or sister waiting for you at home? “ and without missing a heartbeat (mine stopping) Isaiah genuinely responded: ‘my baby brother died’. The cashier looked at me sweetly & motherly. ‘Is it true, my dear? ‘ And with watery eyes, I said ‘yes’. She looked at Isaiah ‘I must say, that’s just TERRIBLE!’ and without missing a (heart) beat (her this time) hugged him. The most honest hug I’ve ever seen. 
Isaiah’s grieving of Tommy will shape his entire life. It has of mine.This moment was both fortunate & formative for me. Do you understand? My trauma became her trauma. Isaiah outed me and there was NO HIDING. A timely surrendering of humanity, right there in beaming yellow light and noisy grocery lane. I’ll always remember it.
Yours in feeling more & getting out of dark hiding places, always. E ⭐️ #TommyTinkerForever
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