Go Outside

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Guide to a magic life✨Inspiration comes from the Latin, inspirare, with its original meaning to "breathe in"
To ‘breathe in’ then is taking an ‘inspiration’. If you are living, you are walking inspiration! 
But we forget. We forget because we get busy (concerts, parties, working, shopping, hockey, cooking, cleaning, anyone?!). We forget because time is a bully (is it really one week before Christmas !?) . We forget because we are depressed (lonely), anxious (heart racing, palm sweating, bank account lowering). We wake up in the morning and no wonder we feel stuck and out of psych (or maybe that’s because we’ve had one too many egg nogs?!) During the holidays this year, I propose you stop to hear the ‘hum’ of your breath. That you stay aware to what’s brilliant inside. Let this awareness of your own inspiration {breath} settle you and grounds you. 
It takes 5 minutes to go outside and hunt for winter berries. It takes five minutes to sit down, hand on thighs and breath in and out. It takes 5 minute to write in a gratitude journal. 
To Unfold. Unwind. Stop. Look. Go. You only need 5 minutes! To remember that as long as you breathe in you are an inspiration to everyone. 
To always remember that. 
Loving you always. E. xo
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