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✨ When i first started painting in Cow Bay, i used our basement. Id have the cold floors lined up with newspapers and the lighting was terrible. Then we had a garage add-on to our house and the top was unused so I slowly moved my paint stuff there with my husband warnings to not get to cozy since it was going to be two little boys room soon. When we lost Tommy #tommytinkerforever- I knew this place was officially my « studio » . Anyways- I hope everyone finds a place to create in their lifetime. A place to incubate ideas, and find yourself back. Creative expression-moving, painting, writing- has been monumental in my physical & mental and spiritual health. A way to bring forth what’s within me! Thrive. I am embedded in this permission slip I gave myself long ago to put it high on the priority list. Do you have a priority list? Do you have a space? I understand that you might not have the top of a garage to spare (or even have a garage). But I promise that a little corner of the kitchen table, a bedside table, a closet with no door works wonders. I’ve painted outside in the grass, on the beach, on the plane. This studio is my « women » cave. I like to think of it as my ivory castle where the queen reign. The sacred place where the floating fairy dances and the poet writes.
Yours in magic always,
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Music 🎵: Golden Meadow- Curtis Wiley

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