I'm a Masterpiece

My hope is that the Tommy Tinker Forever Documentary helps you remember.

Remember that inside you there’s a breath. That your breath is your light… Is your love… Is your life. Yes. Inside you there is a life! An embryo. Something that grows. That there are desires and dreams. Longing. And colours! Millions of them, a luminous atmosphere. Vibrant and bright.

It’s not until I understood that my life was meant to be a work of art that the floodgates opened for me. I finally understood:


That the inspiration to live an artful life comes from ordinary experiences… Like cooking, nursing my plants, my kids, my dreams. With care and attention, we can open up to the creativity that’s already in our lives. With care and attention we can observe the world around us and wake up to its brilliance. Isn’t THAT what magic is? 
Love you in waking up, always.
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