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“I’ve died a thousands deaths, each time reinventing
myself brighter, stronger, and purer than before.
From the midst of destruction, I became the creator of myself. From the midst of darkness,I became my own source of light.” Cristen Rodgers.

It is not the first time, whether in visual or writing, that I speak of transformation has part destruction, part reinvention. The great Persian poet Rumi speaks of this in his poem about a 'thousands of veils falling' and I make note of it in one of my grief project essays.

What I know for sure is that unfolding in this world requires courage and ferocity.
Ferocity is the fiery quality of combustion in this rise to unleashing your highest potential as human. Whether it be through tears, sweats, pulls, push and waves. Change is abiding. 
This is one of my SHE collection pieces titled HEROINE. SHE Art is meant to be use as self-exploration tool for personal growth. SHE - Heroine assists you and amplifies (meaning it was already there to begin with!) your courage to show up for yourself with edge. 
Incubating for 2019, I took out my heroine. I let change flow over me. I let change arrive. I let it flow.  I let this image bring me life force, and magnificent strength in all that I will undertake. 
Fyi- Thats how ART works.
Yours in hero/ heroine journey, always. 
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