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✨It’s hilarious to me that I teach people to ignite their artist within- whatever that looks like for them- and i still stuggle with the impostor syndrome myself. I have been able to call myself an artist for years, and you think that would include author? Not so. I was aware of this, so last spring, I boldly change my @instagram & website bio to Author. Screw you insecurity, self- doubt and condescending voices. I teach people to fake it until they make it, well dang it, I was gonna have to that for myself. At the time, I also streamedlined my website. I noticed  that I was afraid of saying the word “spirituality” . In the attempt to please everyone and sterilise my offerings I was accommodating descriptions to not scare off visitors. Well screw it, that had to change too. I am deeply spiritual. I believe in magic. I teach people the power of living full. I needed to show my true face. I needed to strip away wanting to please anyone and everyone that visited my sites. In doing so, I was uncovering parts of me that had felt hidden for too long. 
The morning of the #TommyTinkerForeverlaunch on @cbc_eastcoast & @cbcns I sat up in pjs on the bed, eyes fixes in front of the computer screen. I scrolled down the CBC news website. I blinked once to read my name coma Author. To blink twice to read my name coma Author. To keep my eyes wide open to read my name coma AUTHOR!!!! Holy shit. The CBC didnt do that, I did that!! I claimed it, you know? See, by daring to face the parts of me that thought for sure in hell wasn’t an author, I harnessed mightier parts that knew better.

Yours in faking before making it, always.
E. ⭐️ #estellethomsonart#mylifeinmoments #claimit #beit#yogaeverydamnday #sayit #bethechange#whatdoyouwanttobe #inspiredlife#yougotthis #artlife #impostorsyndrome#magicthings #artstudio #canadianartists#poetrysnotdead #artforbreakfast#womenwhocreate All picture for the documentary were done by the most talented @jessieredmondphoto including this one 😘

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