👣💛I’ve kept a BIGGGG secret. Today is finally launch day and it’s a good thing, because this girl’s gonna burst! Back in June, the CBC @cbc_eastcoast@cbcns (!!!) picked up The Grief Project. @kenmacintosh wanted to help me bring my #tommytinkerforever odyssey in essays, pictures and quotes out in the world in a cinematographic format. Together, could we bring grief out of the shadows? 
Today, watch #tommytinkerforever first segment of seven (!!!) on @cbc_eastcoastIGTV. Movies will release every Friday and Tuesday all through November. 
I feel like I feel before putting on an art show: a glorious mess. My eyelids are twitching from stress, and thank heavens I wear fake nails, cuz they’d be eaten down raw. You see, Tommy taught me to be unreasonable: a rebel with a cause. He told me to go against the grain and shake things up. Tommy inspired me to make mistakes and keep the good ones. His whispers always said, stand in your truth mummy! Follow your obsessions, be inconvenient. Be of joy. Be loud. Not and easy journey-no. But incredibly thrilling- yes. 
#TommyTinkerForever feels big not only because the project has now expanded to TV format but because I listened to him. My angel. I kept writing. I kept being annoying. I kept saying what I had to say. The segments are far from traditional nor conventional because art is meant to agitate, touch, move. Instead my vision is generous, open, mysterious …. yes...... MAGIC. 
For the launch- am especially in love with this picture from segment 6 because it portrays my undenying love for shapes, symbol and dance. I see me at 8 years old! Full of exuberance- burning with desires & dreams. Like, am just starting my life here! 
I hope you like #tommytinkerforever -the documentary- as much as I was moved making it. 
Yours in listening to whispers, always. 
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Lens: @jessieredmondphoto

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