Tool kit for Transitions

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Since losing Tommy, I’ve had the privilege to hear countless stories of transitions. Many, many of you warriors have reached out to me via messenger, emails and some I’ve met personally through the art & yoga workshops and online soul connection classes I run in my community and around the world. Your message often urgently requested book recommendation, tips and tricks. What do I do NOW? 
Today, I am proud to have launched on my website a completely free  TOOL KIT FOR TRANSITIONS which includes breathing exercises, yoga, hand variations, journaling exercises, mindful art and affirmations. These tools are by no means replacement for your immediate and physical support system - your secure and safe people: a supportive partner, a therapist, a best friend or parent.  That being said, these are some of the most powerful tools that I have used for many years on myself, my students and yes- with my son Isaiah, too. 
I have seen first-hand the effect how yoga and art can heighten our tolerance to discomfort - in myself but also in my students. I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t know it worked for many people (including kids)! I have written it with mini video tutorials and basic how-to’s. It was important for me  that you felt you could do this anytime and anywhere. Most importantly-  I wanted for you to be able to teach others skills in self-regulations.  Start with you kid when he/she has a tantrum, with a minute or two at lunch break under a deadline, with a friend in need. This is my chance to teach what I know so that you are resourced in times of need & perhaps start a daily ritual with one. 
Lastly, I have also added a Book Recommendation List. As a self-tiled book nerd and grief ambassador – these add-on to my website are  revolutionary-  I hope you share. 
Yours in post-traumatic growth – always. 
E. ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever 

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