karma is your dharma 

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👣I’ve never -ever- planned to write about grief. I was going to be a yoga teacher, have two kids and live healthy and married- happily ever after. You know, the life I was supposed to have. 
Do you ever get that feeling? Like, you were supposed to live another life?

My teacher @ashleyturner1 loves to say that your « karma is your dharma ». It always stuck with me something fierce. 
See- the first few months after I lost Tommy I felt I didn’t know myself anymore. I felt lost and terrible physically, but psychically was worse. The experience of losing him shook me to my core. This new territory was scary. 
One of my bff, Joseph Campbell says: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek”, so with great difficulty and resistance, I kept saying “yes” to entering the cave. This meant I had to break up with my old life and waking up to my new life. And once I said yes, and the daily #tommytinkerforever kept rolling- there was no turning back. 
Inside the cave (my pain, my wounds) grew thousands of works of arts, myriads of yoga workshops,  soul connection programs, playbooks for classrooms, various donations programs etc. etc. etc. And your messages? Weekly. I still get weekly messages on how #tommytinkerforever has helped. 
The next time you think you have no purpose – think again! Look again! What do you love ? What have you loss? What has life given you? What’s in your heart? Beauty? Terror? Good.  Go with that. Your karma is your dharma. Two questions I ask myself daily: 1)do I go with what I think is « me »? or 2) go where life lead me? (FYI #2 is in the cave blind sighted saying ‘yes’)
In hindsight, what a gift Tommy left me. To never be without his heart. To fear no faith, To know the deepest secret nobody knows. To carry his heart with me ( to carry it, in my heart). Yeah- my bff ee. cummings wrote that one. 
Loving you in karma’s & dharma’s, always E. ⭐️ Ps: “Why your Karma is your dharma” is a new chat I am leading next Thursday, in honour of @womenindharma – a few spots left! #dharma #karma#thegreatworksofyourlife #thegreatwork#masterpiece #josephcampbell #onbeing#womenwhocreate #captureyourgrief#whathealsyou

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