Jump extra high

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🌻 By now you know that I make a big deal about my birthday. I’ve always made a big deal, but after Tommy passed I vowed to jump extra high. It’s a big deal to be alive. It’s a big deal to have a breath. 
I love finding @dakeynefarm this summer. You can’t tell, but that day was unbelievably hot and sweaty. I always get sensitive around sunflowers but I think the heat made it worse. It’s inevitable, I think of Tommy when I look, smell, and paint the yellow blooms- they were everywhere the day we celebrated his life. 
See- I don’t want to look back and realized I haven’t celebrated my life while I was in it. I don’t want to dissipate and waste the precious hours and minutes remaining. It’s inevitable, my birthday week always highlights the inner treasures I hold, the gardens I get to tend, the love I give and to whom. 
I’m beyond grateful for spirited 8 years old Estelle who stayed true to her soul’s path. I haven’t changed one bit!!!! I still twirl, dance, laugh awkwardly loud, cry (a lot), and hug- as tight and with squeals. I collect vintage, read, play dressing-up and take care of living things. 
This year. May sunflowers keep lighting my way. May I be filled with joy. May I tumble and fall. Let it be mundane and mysterious. Because if i don’t get to fail , if it doesn’t pinch at times… then it’s not life. 
May I let myself be enough. 
Thank you so much for all your wishes!!!! I love you.
Yours in birthday magic, always
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