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Inside you,
In the places where whispers carry
Where you hold your breath
Turn away
And believe yourself less,
There is a truth.
A truth as gentle as a melody,
As limitless as the sky,
As honest as a mountain lake,
No push, no need to try,
A truth that shimmers with the light of you,
The bright of you
The irrepressible delight of you,
The take my breath away flight of you,
The I will not go silently into the night of you,
The 'Oh my God', just feel the might of you,
The break me wide open sight of you,
When at last you have embraced all of you,
Accepted the day and night of you,
The luminescent, spontaneous grace of you, 
I want you to know I'm in awe of you
All of you, 
every microcosmic, 
wild orgasmic inch of you
Every wild unfettered gesture of alive of you
Thank you
Thank you
For you. ‘You' by Clare Dubois

Twirling’s my medicine, what’s your?
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