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If I could let go of the right and wrong way to process my grief.
If I could let go of attachement, judgment, pain. 
Would I be free? 
My name is Estelle Thomson. I am a yoga teacher & visual artist. Almost four years ago now, I lost my son unexpectedly. Tommy’s birth & death were both deciding moments for me. Initiation. Gateways to wonder. 
We all have teachers, guides, people that teach us how to live. My teacher no longer has a body. My teacher lets butterflies roll-in to soften my sadness. 
Being this close to death doesn’t come without darkness. But the rewards? 
Miracles. Grace. Expansion. 
#tommytinkerforever is my grief project. #tommytinkerforever is my love project.
Love you in magic, always. 🦋
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