Look again.


Baby Thomas and me, promoting Mom & Baby Yoga way back in the day! I use to teach with him, since it was the only way I got to teach back then. It was a real feat in multi-tasking, poop explosions and scheduled feedings- that’s for sure.

He’s hand me down outfit was from the 70’s -real nice and cozy. The baby Uggs shoes that never fitted Isaiah but lasted Tommy forever. I am not sure how we managed loosing this grey carrier downtown once. It was on top of the stroller, and in the commotion of having 2 babies under two, it was no more. 

Back then, this day wasn’t a special one. I probably hadn’t wash my hair in 5 days, and worn the first thing I could grad off my dusty floor ( probably in the form of stretchy Joe fresh jeans and tee). Going on cold winter walks, superstore and iwk was our top tree exciting things to do back then. 

Now- I look back at this time in sweet surrender. I get to glimpse closer at this picture and look at life in details. 

If you think your life is boring, think again, look again!

I look at this picture now, and all I see is fireworks and miracles. I see a mother’s stamina and grit. I see a preemie who’d survived multiple monthly hospitals stays, countless surgeries and infections. I see the snow’s & sky’s striking colours. The lac’s edge still and glassy. I see how thrilling and exciting and freaking magic this day was. 

Write in the comment section : what’s making your day special today? Exciting today? Find something! There’s always one thing.

Look closer. Look again. 

Love you! E. xo #tommytinkerforever (this is also the year I should have won the Best Yoga Teacher Award in @thecoasthalifax …

because, hello!?! it’s next level shit to teach with a toddler on your hips!! 🤪#justsaying)

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