I choose myself, I said.


🦋Last year, I claimed 2017, the year of self- care. I choose myself, I said. 

Self- care most days, took the shape of taking time for skincare ( a ritual I’ve been terrible at over the years!), yoga (of course) and making art (you know me!).This quickly turned into lessons of priorities and quite frankly of guilt management. It dawn on me - I make place for what I think is important. Which begs the question, what do I think is important? 
In an society that glamorizes the 9 to 5, dishes cleaned and bills paid on time of utmost importance ( let’s face it, because it is) , it’s been quite a lengthily process to unlearn the rules and step it up. 

We shame ourselves for going to a manicure, for going out with friends, for going on vacation because how dare you do something that has no purpose! That not only doesn’t make money, but spends money! How dare you do something that doesn’t serve others!

In 2017, I got tired of my own shitty inner dialogue and spent a lot of money on things I use to think were frivolous. Massages and oils. Gel pens & organic roasted almond butter. Do you know how much that shit costs? But the investment. Soul striking worthy. 
Once, I heard Amichai Lau-LaVie say: “I give to the me so I can be better for the we." Self-care, on special days, took me to France, a  dream work vacation where all I did was about me. Not my family, my dog or work contracts. Me. I discovered and sometimes re-discovered what I love, what I crave, what I desire.

A big lesson came of this year. I get to make my own rules! I get to write my story! And that has everything to do with being on purpose.

Love you. E. Xo

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