Do you feel it too?

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This week, my body is asking to slow down and look around. December hits and I always feel a “rush”. Whether it’s the cold nights, dark mornings, or the holiday ‘to-dos’. Do you feel it too?

Since Tommy passed, I feel a sense urgency about life. There was a little clip of Tony Robbins I was sent. The message, crystal clear: When do you really start to live? When you face death! Iv’e said it before, grief wakes you up. To the small things. The mundane things. The magic of things. To life. 

Think being thrown in a ice cold bath. Think waking up to an apocalypse. Life as you know it, is gone. Pouf! 

The “rush” happens when I forget what is crucial about life. Otherwise known as anxiety. For example, will it really matter if the holiday photo cards are sent late this year? Nope. But in my head, stuff like that gets blown up. 

Urgency, on the other hand, is rooted in what the great Tony Robbins talks about. Urgency is about really starting to live. Because, we forget. We forget we are going to die. We get stuck in the humdrum of holiday blitz and frankly things that don’t even matter. We forget. 

So this week, I am slowly down. I am remembering what my son Tommy came on earth to teach me. 

Higher love.

Love you, E. ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever

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