Motherhood Memory Box

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💛👣 Loved recalling on my live conversation this morning with @chrissyannehollis how my boys were so close in age! 9 months to be exact. How one morning, running late ( you usually do when you have two babies under two), I clumsily got them dress, buckled them in the car only to realized I was still in smeared peanut butter pj. I left the car doors open, the front door open and sprinted to my bedroom to slip on some jeans and tee. I think I went pee too and at that point I thought I would come back to two walling babies. I’ll always remember standing in our front door frame only to realize they were cracking each other up!!! Haha. Who knows what Isaiah was saying or what blankie he was throwing but Tommy thought it was hilarious. So much so- You thought there were 200 babies in the car!! These are fond memories I cherish and keep forever with me in a my motherhood memory box. 
Love you and you inner life too, E ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever #tbt #brothersforever