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This is my son Isaiah 💘 If you are new to this account - you ought to know this guy! Isaiah lost is younger brother almost 3 and half years ago now. To see him navigate and teach me how to process grief has been a privilege in its highest. He is my guru (my light). In the early days of shock, the only reason I would get up and get dress in the morning. He reminds me daily to sing loud gibberish opera and walk like a dinosaur. Here he is on our latest vacation in Hawaii with one of his favorite creatures - BIRDS! “Bird” was Isaiah first word too and from that moment on he’s chased them around- whether trying to hug chickens at @offbeetfarm or run after the cow bay 🦃 turkeys in our yard (it’s a thing here!). I love Emily Dickinson line that says “Hope is a thing with feathers”. To think kids are so natural at chasing things with feathers and Isaiah... well, Isaiah is my constant reminder to hope! So- if you started following this account because you think I will do one handstand a day- you are so wrong. Yoga, art & magic is not limited to handstands and pretty artsy pictures (although I have tons of those too) - it includes my family, my dog, my HOPES (oh, and killer outfits too 🙈)
Love you! 💋E ⭐️ #tommytinkerforever#dearestzaza #dearestedgar#widenyourworld