2018, bring it!

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Closing off the year like...... 🚀 🌊 🧚🏼‍♀️..........................2017 was about taking down the mask and showing my real face, my real heart. 

2017 was spontaneous and unpredictable. It was about really looking and seeing what was real (face & heart included). Gazing at the world long and hard so that I can love the world long and hard. If you stare at something (anything!) long enough, you will eventually love it. I assure you of this.

In 2018, I call on shame and fear. Straight up, yo! I tell them they are now my greatest allies for growth, renewal and creativity. 

In 2018, am going bold and rogue. Am bowing down to light which is where true beauty lies. I am utilizing stillness and solitude has jewels for my thirsty soul. I glide. I root to rise. 
BOLD, bright and shooting stars, awaits! 

2018, bring it.... weeeeeeeeeee!!!! Love you! 💋E⭐️

Estelle ThomsonComment