Option B

Everyone is affected by loss. Everyone. 
Whether you've lost a job, a marriage, a child, an 'idea' of how your life was suppose to be. 
Its this vision of grief has a shared place. A garden we take care of together. How can we help and hold each other, planting seeds of hope and optimism within roots of despair and helplessness.  How can we help each other flourish in times of deep transition? 

Just like @sherylsandberg , sharing my grief story #tommytinkerforever has been instrumental in my healing. It has left me less alone. Through mindfulness practice such as Art & Yoga, I have been able to connect with deep inner peace. And lucky me, I get to share what I learn with you, too. 

Sandberg and co-author Adam Grant talk at @onbeing and book #optionB is truly riveting. It offers real lessons in communication, in support, in love. Pre AND Post-traumatic growth is real.

You are not alone. 
Love you 💋