We come from earth and water, Trevor Hall sings.

I love knowing that Tommy was born of this earth. That he had a human form and that his hands and feet found me. Me. That I was his earth, his ground, his home. That he held his hand to my face and look to me for comfort, safety, a compass of sort. He was everything to me and I was everything to him. 

I love knowing that Tommy was born in the water of my womb. That water symbolizes the source of life. I love knowing that he swam in my arms in both oceans – holding him in- gripping like a koala- so strong, so sweet. He was everything to me and I was everything to him. 

I’ve been blessed by many stories and letters of resilience and awakening wisdom this week. Stories of shocking grief and sweet surrender. Stories of life. 

The story circles and it comes back around, Trevor Hall sings. 

I love knowing that Tommy went back to the earth. That when the fire burnt his soft and scarred body, the ashes were grey and full of stars. It comes back around.

On clear nights, the stars and the moon illuminates the monstrous ocean. Our families refer to the bright magic floating on the deep vast blue as his. You can see the same life force on this picture! Tommy spirit floating free on a swing or in-between stars, or dancing ocean / same-same.

'Carry me home’ Trevor Hall sings.

Dedicating this #earthday to your own grief stories! All of them stories. The old ones, the fresh ones: let them be a door to your own healing. Let the earth, the sacred ground you walk on, be your ultimate mother. 

Love you, E 💋

Akaal (feat. Trevor Hall) Ajeet Kaur- Haseya