The field

👣💛 I have a love/hate relationship with the Facebook 'XYZ' number of years ago thingy ... 2 years ago you were 'going to a stagette!' Yay! 6 years ago you were 'getting married!' Yay! Four years ago you were 'Holding your dead son after a month stint at the IWK!!!!' meh, not so yay. I can't finish my morning toast now, watching us - defeated and victorious all at once. @csherren had taken this picture, helping me pack my things. Earlier that day she had obliged I go take a yoga class. She would hold Tommy for as long as it took. Nurses like her are not working merely for their shift, they have a calling 🙏🏻.

This is what I had written that day : As I walked down the iwk hall for yet one more time, I know it wont be the last. There’s an old man playing guitar, singing ‘knock, knock, knock on heaven’s door’ and it fills the whole space, it fills my whole heart. I hold Thomas tight: “We’re going home, amour!!”. After a month in hospital, HOME sure sound like heaven to me'.

It sure wasn't our last time at the hospital after that, and am not sure I believe in heaven per say but I do believe in a field, and I'll meet Tommy there. I may not have perfected human experience, but I want to thank Facebook today for helping me have eyes that can see the dark, and deathless faith in the return of light. #tommytinkerforever#captureyourgrief