So soft.

Lately, I have been feeling the softness in and around me. Not soft like in a blah way. Soft like in a tender way. I was watching my stories thing on here and realized I did a whole segment about cooking and just blabbered around like this was no big deal. I am a 35 year old woman who 15 years prior use to despise every ounce of her body. I hated HATED cooking. But now, nourishing my body is a duty. Now, I am of service to my health and my boys by eating and living well. Not only that, but loving my body is what I teach people to claim! You have the right to love yourself. Really. I teach them to BE in there body. Live there and breathe there. As it IS. Rune Lazuli writes: what the world needs is more people who love themselves. You know!? Love myself - Without wanting to add or subtract ANYTHING. Well god damn I think I have repeated this enough times to a crowd I am starting to believe it. That, and no doubt : grief. Honouring feeling dark, helpless, heavy, guilty, ashamed. Live there. Breathe there. Because, that too is part of me. I love the shadows in this picture, washing over me. Dark- Light. Heavy but soft. So soft. #tommytinkerforever#loveyourself #vulnerability#shamelessselfie #yogaeverydamnday