Do you see?

I often wonder why I write what I write. Most especially, why I post what I write. Gabby Bernstein once taught me that by sharing my story, I am of service to the world. That even if only one person hears my words, takes my class or reads my grief blog, this is enough to heal myself and consequently the world around me, break free.

Brene Brown speaks of the same thing: Shame hates it when we reach out and tell our story. It hates having words wrapped around it- shame can’t survive being shared’.

Remember when I wrote about Tommy having the NG tube? This is what I mean by sharing the shame.

Soon after posting it, I got a message from Jen (who's with permission his pictured here with beautiful Emma!).

 ‘I was overtaken with emotions when I read your blog. Not only because your grief was so honest and vulnerable but because I could identify. Feeding, keeping records and praying she keeps food down is in my life right now. Signing up for yoga today was difficult for me because I haven’t really taken my daughter many place expect the IWK. Many people are often uncomfortable by her tube.’ She wrote. 

I am forever touched by these two fiery and wise beings who have braved Mom & Baby Yoga class EVERY WEEK since New Year! That Emma has gained a ton of weight. That mummy gets a kick ass work-out. Look at them!  I am moved knowing they look forward to the event every week.

Do you see the repercussion you have Tommy? Do you see ? I see.